Written by Emma

26 Mar 2006

Im a 36 yr old married str8 guy, I started by trying on her thongs, bras etc, later I moved on to her old dress's that were too small for her (Im slim so a size 10 in womens stuff fits me) experimenting with padding out my bra with tissue and breast enhancers, and I looked really sexy, I got so hard looking at myself. Make up was a nightmare though, I got my lips pretty well sorted but it took a while before I could get my eyes right. I bought myself a couple of wigs a dark one and a blonde one and some sexy underwear which I have to hide in the car. The next stage was to actually go out dressed, I was so nervous thinking I would stand out and someone would spot me but to be honest it was easy I knew I looked good and no one would suspect. My wife is a nurse and works nights so I had plenty of opportunity for dressing, I'd been out a few times in the car, to petrol stations, drive throughs motorway services etc and I felt more relaxed and confident.

I decided to visit a dogging spot late one night, lots of guys hang out there, an odd couple turn up and a few gays cruise there. So I parked up behind a big silver merc, with a lone figure at the wheel, I figured an executive type married guy. I waited thinking he would make a move on me, he kept looking back, I was shaking like a leaf, he flashed his interior light so I hesitantly got out and walked down the side of his car as I got near he opened the window, I couldnt see his face it was too dark but he asked if I wanted to get in, I nodded and whispered 'yes'. I sat in the passenger seat, he was probably 50 ish greying with a short neatly trimmed beard, not what I was hoping for but it was still a rush. He put his hand on my leg and told me to undo my top, I froze, I wanted to control the situation, I wasn't sure he knew I was a TV and as his hand was touching the flesh above my hold ups I halted its progress any further moving his hand away. I whispered to him to undo his pants and pull them down, I undid a couple of buttons and opened my blouse a little, I knew my tits looked semi real in a bra in daylight so I gambled being dark he wouldnt notice. Before he could make a move on me I grabbed for his cock and started wanking him, I felt it getting warmer and growing as I stroked my hand up and down its length, my head went down to his lap but I couldnt bring myself to suck it instead I spat on it wanking him faster he pushed my head down, I stuck out my tongue and tasted his cock he let out a groan my lips kissed it and I flicked my tongue over its head. I got up, he pulled up my skirt and asked could he cum in my mouth, I whispered for him to cum over my crotch, he lifted his bum off the seat positioned himself slightly to one side and over me while he wanked his cock, a few seconds later he was squirting his warm sticky cum over my stocking tops, legs and pantys. I pecked him on the cheek and we parted company.

As I got back in my car he drove off, I was shaking like mad, my cock was hard as hell and his cum was still all over my lap, I took off my pantys wrapped them round my cock and wanked myself off until my cum mixed with his. I knew at that moment I wanted more.....