Written by paul

26 Jan 2005

I arranged to go to a fancy dress nite with a mate dressed up as Nuns.

we went to a fancy dress shop and hired the habbits and a black wig each and extra large ladies shoes. We the went to M+S and bought a padded bra, some nickers and suspenders and stockings to give it the sexy Nuns outfit a real boost.

Off we went in a taxi to the Party where we got a bit merry and Maxine a friend of Jerry's my mate I was with MADE US BOTH UP IN LIPSTICK AND MASCARA. We continued to get drunk and at around 2pm we set off back to Jerrys flat in a black cab. We both fell asleep jerry in his bed and me on the sofa bed still pretty drunk, At around 3.30 Jerry was coming back from the bathroom and he must have slipped into my sofa bed, or so he told me later, I began to half wake from my drunken sleep with Jerry over me licking my nipples and rubbing my hard cock through my panties. He said he thought I looked so sexy in my stockings that he couldnt resist holding me, I began to writh up and down as he rubbed me more then he kissed me with his fully lipsticked lips, and I responded, I said suck me Jerry please, and down he went I had hold of the wig he was wearing as he went up and down. Jerry then went off to the bathroom and came back with his cock hard shiney and stiff covered in oil, I knew what he wanted and bent over wainting for him to enter me from behind. I felt him slide gentlee in and as he wasnt a big guy in that area it was nice. His hand reached around my waist and he was holding and rubbing my cock as he fucked me. Next thing I know is Maxine Jerrys girlfriend comes in (Ithought she was out for the night) and she says carry on boys, I am enjoying it to much to stop and Jerry looks like him and Maxine are aware of whats next. sure enough she strips off her nighty and lies in front of me, begging me to fuck her, How can I refuse. I am in quickly and Jerry sticks his cock in my mouth as Maxine and I fuck faster, she also starts to suck Jerry in turn with me. Well after that we all slump into sleep and well satisfied.

If u like my story, and you would like me to join you and your wife in such a situation then e mail (paul_grear@yahoo.co.uk)

Love the TV slut