Written by Tv Wendy

11 Sep 2006

Let me tell you about last Saturday night when my boyfriend Stan suggested we

Went out for a change of scenery with Ian his pal dogging in Scarborough,

I was told to dress like a slut so I bathed then inserted the tube of KY right up inside me then decided I would wear a black bra & matching thong sheer black open crotch tights, my stretch almost see thru black glitter mini dress & gold 4”high heel sandals

At 9-30pm Stan decided that we should go to the Clock Tower first and they would let me walk around on my own first then they would come and meet me in the Italian gardens

I arrived at the bottom shelter and there were 3 guys just stood about so I sat down crossed my legs and my dress rode right up this attracted one guy who walked towards me wanking I reached out and wanked his gorgeous 7” nice & thick cock then leaned forward and took it all in my mouth sucking him like a whore for all I was worth before long the other two guys were stood either side of him wanking themselves so I reached out & held one in each hand this made the guy I was sucking

Thicken right up then he held my head & shot his thick creamy cum down my throat

I made sure I had sucked every drop out of him by sucking on him like a straw & gently squeezing his balls then he pulled out & the other two guys offered there cocks to me side by side it was the first time I had sucked two cocks together & it felt really sexy then one of them pulled his cock out and stood on the bench & told me to suck him again while his friend pulled out of my mouth so I stood up and bent over to suck him & his friend was pushing my dress up over my bum then he pulled my thong across then put the tip of his cock to my hole then gently pushed it up me till I could feel his balls slapping against me he was slowly fucking me which I simply adore feeling every inch of him as he pushed deeper & deeper while I was still sucking his friend

Then Stan & Ian found me and stood watching from a distance as I was being roasted and loving every moment of it.

Stan then came and sat down near to me and began licking my clitty through my thong which I just simply adore and the guy I was sucking suggested we all went back to his caravan at the “Blue Dolphin Holiday Park” until the early hours if we liked and I agreed cos I just fancied a real good seeing too.

I got back in Stans car with Ian and we followed them back to the caravan and we went inside and we all had a drink then Des the owner produced a little white frilly apron and said to Stan this would look nice on her in that sexy mini dress so I put it on and sat on the big table showing all my legs as my dress rode up past my thighs showing my thong, then Stan stood up and grabbed my ankles and put my feet on his shoulders slipping my thong across so he could enter me this left my head hanging over the end of the table and I looked up to see Ian’s 8 incher almost touching my lips so I opened my mouth and he slowly fed me his lovely cock until he was up to his balls in my mouth mmmmmmm

The other two were feeling and stroking my nylon clad legs right up to my bum and saying “fuck the slut rotten” and get her filled up and hurry up Im next to Stan and Ian as I slowly sucked Ian as he likes me too and Stan was really banging away at me the other two guys were rubbing there already rock hard cocks up and down my nylon clad thighs then I felt Stan thicken right up inside me then felt his cock twitching as he shot his lovely creamy cum inside me,

Then Des took Stans place he slid in very easy on Stans cum and started to fuck the living daylights out of me calling me a little slut and a whore this made Ian thicken right up and then he twitched and pumped his load down my throat and before he withdrew his cock from my mouth the other guy was rubbing his cock up and down my cheek then as Ian let his limp cock slip out of my mouth it was quickly filled again and so I was getting roasted again but it was not long before I was swallowing more spunk and what a load he came some of it ran out of the corners of my mouth and seeing this Des stiffened up twitched then filled me up again with all that lovely cum

I then got myself off the table & reached for my handbag and got a tampon out and inserted it in my bum to stop all that cum running down my legs until we got home for when Stan likes to rim me when we get home and taste all the juice running out of me and there would be plenty having six cocks up me that night,

Des has suggested taking me to Bridlington dogging he says I would be able to suck all the cock I want through the car window and get well fucked at the same time, Stan and I are thinking very seriously about it in fact I would love to come back home saying I had sucked at least a dozen or so cocks off in a night if it happens again will tell you about it