Written by TV Lynne

23 Jun 2006

My name is Lynne & i am a married bi TV, my wife asked me to dress before she got home from work the other day, i did this & waited, when she got home she told me to go straight to the car while she got her camera, i thought at last, i am getting pics done of me dressed outside, my wife then drove me to formby pinewoods, anyone in Liverpool will know where this is, it was still daylight, around 6.30pm, we drove onto the main carpark, not too many cars there, my wife told me to get out of the car while she took my pics, the first one was me just standing there, the next one sitting on the car bonnet with my legs crossed & my skirt hitched up to show my stockings & suspenders, the next pic was me lying with my back on the bonnet, again with my skirt hitched up but this time right up to my waist & my legs wide open showing my black lacy knickers just being able to see my cock, the last pic here was me bending over the bonnet, skirt up to my waist again, legs open & showing my stockings, suspenders & knickers covering my arse.

My wife drove out to the main road & stopped, she told me to get out & walk about 100 yards to the next entrance to the woods, she drove off & waited for me there, there where about 6 cars parked, as i walked i noticed there was a man in his car facing me, he looked at me up & down, i am sure he was playing with himself, i just smiled as i walked past & he returned with a smile back to me, i thought if only you knew what i had under my skirt.

I met my wife & we walked into the woods, my wife told me to lift my skirt for the next photo, then to bend over again, then with my cock sticking out of my knickers, then i got a surprise, she told me to take my knickers off & give them to her, she put them in her pocket, then took another pic of me with my skirt up to my waist, these pics where taken only a couple of yards off the main path, she said we will go back to the car now, i asked her for my knickers as i had a rock hard erection & i needed them to hold my cock in, she refused & made me walk about 50 yards with my hard cock forcing my skirt to stick out, she told me to lift the front of my skirt & let her see me play with my cock while we walked, i nearly sh*t myself when a cyclist rode past, i still wonder if he had seen anything, as we neareed the entrance to the road there was a elderly gent entering the woods with his dog, he looked at me then i seen his eyes go lower to my skirt, unless he was blind he could not help but notice my cock pushing my skirt out at the front, when we got to the pavement i looked to see if that man was still in his car, he was & he was looking in his wing mirror at me, i felt so horny that i turned sideways so he could see my skirt sticking out because of my hard cock.

My wife has promised to take me to the woods again next week, & says she has something else planned but i dont know what, i will have to wait, in the car i had to keep my skirt up to my waist all the way home & play with my cock.

If anyone wishes to see my pics, then do contact me, especially other TVs or bi males from the liverpool area

TV Lynne xxxxxxxxxx