Written by Catherine

10 May 2005

Let me tell you what happened when I went to a chums wedding in Wales recently.

I took the opportunity to bring Catherine along basically so I could dress up after the event.

The wedding went well and the bride looked lovely and when the time came to depart the party I shared a taxi back with Elaine and David. She was 28 and he was 30 and both were good looking.

We had a laugh and a giggle on the way back and once back in my room I quickly changed into a little black dress, stockings, a pair of nice heels and shoulder length red wig.

I was just finishing my makeup when there was a bang at the door and in burst Elaine and David both still giggling. Now I must explain the doors here were the old style ones with a small turn knob in the middle to lock (like you used to get on bathrooms) not the most secure!

So anyway there I was in my lbd and there they were in their wedding get up. David made some comment about me looking much better in that than what I was wearing earlier and Elaine asked me my name. “Catherine” I stammered. “Well Catherine how about a dance” said Elaine. So there was Elaine and I dancing away and David just watching the show. We tottered around for a minute and then Elaine gave me kiss on the lips. David murmured some kind of approval so we carried on groping.

At this point David was wanking already and suggested that us girls might want to give him a hand. I was a bit nervous but Elaine was more pushy. She got down on her knees and I joined her in front of Davids 7” cock already soaked with precum. Elaine told me to lick it and I did. David put his hand on my head and force his dick into my mouth.

With Elaines whispering in my ear I started bobbing up and down on his hard cock and David began to moan. As he did so I felt a hand going up my dress and into my panties. Elaine began to wank me as I was still sucking on his cock. David was clearly being turned on more by seeing a girl with her hand up another girls dress and began to push my head further onto his cock. It wasn't long before David starting moaning about cumming and Elaine told me to finger his arsehole as I did this David's balls tightened and he dumped his load right into my mouth. Elaine let out a little yelp of pleasure and said "swallow it Catherine" and it was then that I came all over the inside of my dress.

Elaine had clearly enjoyed the show and I was a mess. She helped me clean up David and then suggested it was her turn for some action but she said I was a mess and I ought to smarten myself up before continuing. She had look through my clothes and selected a new outfit for me to wear and took me too the bathroom to change. We laughed and giggled stupidly while I got dressed up again and re-emerged wearing a long black skirt, boots and nice pink top.

Elaine approved of my new look and took me over to the bed where the two of us started snogging and I got my hand up her top and started fondling her breasts. David was still to one side in the chair and he was watching us to girls get off on top of the bed. I then started to put my hand up her skirt and to my suprise found a nicely shaved pussy which was already moist presumable from the show David and I had put on earlier. Elaine wriggled her skirt up around her waist and pushed my red wigged head down between her legs. I began lapping at her pussy and David began teasing her mouth with his now fully re-hard cock. After a while of having my tongue in her pussy Elaine's body began to convulse and she came in my mouth her hand on the back of my head all the while.

I then began to make my way up her body and get my legs between hers. We began swapping Davids cock between our mouths and she unzipped my skirt. As I pulled my skirt down Elaine put her hands into my panties again and began to rub my already hard cock. She said to David about a condom and expertly put this on me and then wrapping her legs around me pulled me into her.

I continued to pump away as much as she would let me with her legs around my arse and went on kiss her and Davids cock. She began to moan in to me "fuck me Catherine do me right now". As a started to go faster and thought I wasn't going to make it Elaine let out a cry and I filled up the condom. David wasn't far behind putting his dick into Elaines mouth as he came again. Elaine pulled me in close and snogged with David's cum still in her mouth and then she swallowed it all.

Well after all of that we were exhausted and Elaine and I just lay on the bed touching each other while David retreated to the chair again. By this point it was about 2am and they both made their excuses and left me too get ready for bed...

Needless to say I didn't sleep much that night and in the morning we exchanged knowing glances over breakfast before we all went our seperate ways...

I had never before or since swallow cum or dressed in front of anyone else though that night has stayed with me for a very long time and I hope you enjoyed it...

Hugs Catherine