Written by big banana man

14 Jan 2006

True as Im sitting here....

A little while ago, I was approached by my partners freind Abigale. a cute little red head with a beautiful curvatious figure and a canny knowing smile.

"Hello", she said, full of confidence.

"Hello", I replied, less selfassured and a little confused by her manner.

"Would you like me to make you a cup of tea?", she asked, smiling more boldly now.

This was my house and I was busy building a cupboard in the kitchen. she had just walked in through the open door. This was, after all, the tail end of spring and the weather was summery warm.

Her silky fine dress flowing in the gentle breeze, and her hair around her shoulders, flowing like a mointain spring, and catching the light like the waters gleem.

"We haven't got any tea", i said, expecting to go through a list of items we didn't have. She moved accross the kitchen floor and stood very close to me.

"Will skip the tea then", she said.

Her eyes intensified in her stare. I could hardly believe what was happening. My jeans had become tight as she looked up at me. She enveloped me in her arms and pulled me closer.

"You like that don't you?", she asked not needing an answer.

I had to kiss her lips, so sensual, painted to perfection in scarlett shine, with skin so pale and soft. She was touching me through my jeans. and the moment lasted.

"oooh, you like that", she wispered as we pulled apart.

I was hard, hard as a ceramic bearing, and she could feel it.

Her eye drifted to the living room.

"Lets go in there", she said softly,sexily.

"No, I've got to get this finished", I should have said. I acctualy said nothing. Moments later she parted from my body and led me by the hand into the living room.

We stopped by the sofa. A lovely big sofa, the sort you sink into. She pulled me to her again and compelled me back to her lusious lips. As we kissed she undid my belt and droped my jeans to the floor.

Somthing inside me stopped me from feeling this was wrong. She was a very close freind of Nats (My partner)and I couldn't help but to feel that this was not completely without her knowledge. Aby had been around many times and had never given me a second glance. She ever so gently stroked my cock, from balls up, and kissed me, passing her toungue over mine, and pressing my head to hers with her hand behind my head.

I slid my hands down her curvey sides and onto her hips. I then gently passed a hand over her back in search of her Zip. She sniggered into my mouth, filling me with her sent, driving my passion. She broke our kiss and wispered "There's no zip. Lift if over my head, either that or fuck me with it on". She started to kiss again.

I began rolling the flimsy material up in my hands until i felt soft flesh on my fingers. I lifted her dress and she allowed it off over her head.

I held her back to admire her body. She now had nothing on except stay ups and heels. What a turn on, black stocking and red high heels againsed smooth white skin and a completely shaven pussy. She could see the effect she was having on me. She unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt and guestured with an upward point for me to lift it of over my head. I did so. She pulled me close for another kiss. After a moment, I reached down to her thighs, and lifted her slight figuer up to me. She, gracefully wraped her legs around me. I very gently lowered her down onto my very stiff cock. Her hair covered my face and I smelt her sweet perfume.

She gasped and squeeled as I penetrated deep inside her. She was very wet. Holding her bum cheeks in my hands, I fingered the contours of her pussy with my index fingers. She bit gently on my ear, god how sensitive ears can be. she new it.

I slowly lifted her up and down on my cock. I could feel her beautiful lubrication on my cock shaft with my index finders.

After a time, listning to her squeels, I sped up. Pumping her harder. She squeezed me harder, kissing me, tounging my mouth.

She Shuddered the words "Fuck me, Yeh, Nice and hard, Yeh, Fuck me you dirty bastard fuck my tight cunt you filthy dirty bastard."

I did as I was told, plunging her depths with my cock, and feeling for her curvix. My arms began aching at this point.

"OOOOH I'm cumming, god yeah,..." she moaned.

I could feel her juice dripping off of my balls, I reached futher under her to fined her clit with my finger. I very gently circled her erect clitoris, this sent her wild. She stopped cumming for a second, but as I continued to circle and fuck she went straight back to climax.

I droped back onto the sofa, arms now exhausted, so was she. She hugged me for several minuets, regained her straingth, and began fucking he hard. Bouncing on my cock like crazzy.

"Squirt you're cum in me you big bastard, you filthy big cocked bastard ".

Her pussy tightened again into another orgasm. I held of as long as I could, But shot my load right into her. She gasped into my ear.

"I can feel you needed that", she wisperd. We both lay there exahusted for a while, Aby got dressed and gave me a big kiss before leaving.

The next day Nat came home about 10 am. She was supposed to have been at her mums.

She walked up to me and said bitterly, "You fucked Aby didn't you? You spunked in her didn't you? Well I know. I thought you would never cheat on me, you bastard, how wrong I was. Aby said you were just like all the rest, I said you were different. I trusted you. Well I tell you I had my fill last night when I found out. I fucked three of your best freinds, and they all came in me more than once...".

I looked at her dumbfounded. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Every last minuet.",she snapped.

I hugged her. She struggled againsed it at first but soon stopped when she reallised I wasn't angry. She felt my cock was stiffer than ever now. I pushed it againsed her.

"I would have loved to have watch them fucking you." I said, "I want to see you fucking lots of men. I will still love you, life is to short to be bounded by simple prejudice. but Letts fuck as a team next time then shall we?". I said.

Two weekends latter My friends, Nat, Aby and I, had one outrageous party....

Aby confessed to me at a later point, that she had been put in the situation after a heated debate between herself and Nat as to weather there was such a thing as a faithful man. I then pointed out to them both that any man will be extreemly faithful providing the sex is wild enough. I also pointed out that it was wrong of both of them to get into sex out of spite or for a bet, when they should just be into it for the sheer pleasure. I now have two regular sex partners.