Written by Drkl

19 Apr 2005

Wife and I were at a club, just drinking and dancing when we met Mandy. She was pretty and sexy and looked younger than her actual age (22). Not a fashion model, but still, very pretty with curly red hair that hung past her shoulders. She had very pale skin and fairly large breasts. She was a bit taller than Wife (who is 5’6”) and, while Wife is muscular and athletic, Mandy was thin and willowy. She had on a knee length floral print skirt with high-heels and a cream colored shirt that just barely revealed her flat stomach.

Mandy and Wife danced for a bit and then the three of us sat at a corner booth and drank margaritas. Wife was “playful” with Mandy, as she often is with women, rubbing Mandy’s breasts and thighs and hugging her. It was getting late, so I decided to head home. Wife and I got up to leave and Wife leaned over to kiss Mandy on the cheek goodbye. Mandy anticipated the kiss and turned her face so the two women kissed on the mouth for a few seconds. Wife then offered to share our cab with Mandy. She smiled and we all left.

In the cab, Mandy and Wife continued kissing and petting, and Mandy rasped that she would like to go home with us. Wife gently squeezed my semi-erect cock and told Mandy, “sure.” As we tumbled out of the cab near our apartment in the city, Mandy and Wife had their arms around each others hips, giggling like schoolgirls on a slumber party. We flipped on the light in our living room and Mandy grabbed Wife and began kissing her and running her long white hands up Wife’s body, groping Wife’s firm ass and large breasts. Mandy’s left hand stroked Wife’s crotch as they stood kissing and Mandy pulled her hand out and stuck the tips of her fingers into her mouth. Wife turned to me and began to undress me and Mandy joined in. As wife stood, Mandy knelt and undid my pants. She was a bit surprised when my cock sprung out. I am pretty well hung, about 10” and very thick. In any case, Mandy overcame her shock quickly and began stroking and sucking my cock. Wife quickly got undressed and when Mandy turned to service her, Wife would only let her fondle her breasts. Wife bent over on the couch and Mandy reached behind her and fingered her cunt, wiping her juices all over Wife and spreading her pussy. I pushed my cock into Wife with one single push, right in to my balls, and began the long slow strokes she loves. Mandy kept trying to get involved as I fucked Wife, but Wife gasped “Not right now, Baby.” Wife began to come and her hips convulsed as she reached down and fingered her clit. As Wife slid forward and collapsed with her head on Mandy’s lap, my cock slid out and bobbed in the air, glistening and thick. “I am sorry, Sugar, ,but I needed to finish that.” Mandy nodded, but looked disappointed. Wife said, “I don’t think he is spent, yet. Do you think you can handle him?” Mandy began to grin and nodded as Wife began undressing her, kissing and caressing as she went. When Mandy was completely naked, her white skin standing out against the dark leather of the couch, I went over and licked her pussy. It was trimmed neatly, and I brushed my face against the thin wisps of red hair above her pink lips. I licked and sucked on Mandy until she began to come, grabbing handfuls of my hair and pushing my face hard against her. when she began to recover, Wife said, “You gonna fuck that?” I nodded and stood up, pushing the head of my cock against Mandy’s sopping pussy. As I began pushing deep into her, Mandy gasped and pulled her knees apart and leaned her head back against the couch. Her little pussy was stretched and filled by time my balls came to rest against her ass. I gave her two or three of the long slow strokes that Wife likes. She looked beautiful, her finger and toe nails were bright red and matched her lips. Her red hair looked golden red in the light and her eyes were narrowed as I fucked her. Wife kissed and licked Mandy’s nipples as they stood pointing at the ceiling, her flat white stomach quivering as I filled her pussy with my cock. Suddenly, I got the urge to really fuck Mandy hard and I grabbed her legs and pulled her ankles up into the air. A began pounding deep into Mandy and my balls slapped hard against her ass. Wife reached down and began stroking Mandy’s clit as I fucked her and Mandy began to cry out loudly. As her second orgasm poured through her body, I pushed hard into her and felt her pussy clamp hard onto my cock. I stopped for a split second and then felt the come rushing out of me as my orgasm hit. I began pulling my cock out as the come streamed out of me and the last bit splashed on her stomach.

Mandy and Wife cleaned up and I collapsed on the couch. Mandy became a bit of a regular event for us and I fucked Mandy about a dozen times while Wife watched or played. Wife always got really hot and seemed to orgasm even more than normal during this time. Mandy then moved to another city for college and we did not see her since. I had one last session with Mandy, but will write about it separately.