Written by Old Ted

9 Jun 2011

I thought I would tell you what us two old guys in Spain have been up to lately, now my old mate Pete has more money than sense and gets some great ideas in his head how we can enjoy ourselves - the latest one was hiring a shemale for the evening,I will call her she as really it felt more like a woman than a man.

Anyway we had seen the advert in the local paper ( sex is open in Spain)and Pete phoned and booked her for the evening.

I was amazed, as she was the first shemale I had seen who was so beautiful, lovely tits, and even nipples that was nice sucking on, she was nicely shaved and had about 6 inches of cock when hard on.

Anyway we both took turns with her arse which was nice - she obviously was well experianced as she gripped my cock with her arse and I was right up to the hilt, my balls banging against her, as I shot my lot deep into her, Pete then laid back as she sucked him off, whilst I got hold of her tits, I did mean to have a look at what size her bra was, anyway I played with them and there was no difference between her tits and our local shag we use when half pissed, nipples felt hard when pinched and she was enjoying the attention.

Pete decided he would use her cock and she mounted him, and was soon pumping Petes arse with her 6 inches, by this time I was getting ready again so I mounted her and we had a 3 way fuck, all getting into the swing of things, pumping together, it was great, we nearly both came together, with Pete later getting a nice tit wank to even things up.

Now I know that Pete is Bi and used to having the occasional guy but it was my first, and I really fucking enjoyed the change - well more of a challenge for me, until I met Pete I was never into BI or gays- infact looked down on them, but when Pete offered me that first joint shag with our local shag piece - I was hooked - No !!! I never had my arse used and I do not think I will have had previous problems with piles etc, but I will join in when Pete offers who ever he has booked.

A few weeks ago Pete had booked this really young woman, fucking lovely, what a body, tits that where like two half melons, her nipples really turned me on, half inch of sucking fantasy, a shaven fanny, with a couple of studs as well, we really went to town on her, even managed a double entry with Pete being bigger having her arse and I her cunt, I could feel Petes cock pumping away as I was fucking her, a great sensation, we had her for the whole evening and she earnt her money, I managed to come three times - thought that was good for an old guy - and I got my cock sucked twice and tit fucked her to get hard again, Pete was into licking her cunt- always liked fresh sperm, which gave me those tits to play with, really fantastic, she did offer us a deal with her and her mate during the weekdays when its quiet for business - we will have to think about that -Pete is already up for a foursome.

Anyway I will let you all know how it goes.