Written by Max & Chris

17 Feb 2006

Max came back up to the flybridge after cleaning herself up, she still had the g-string bikini bottom on even though the string was soaked by her & our juices, but nothing else, but as we approached the marina entrance, she put on the bikini top and wrap. We moored the yacht in the berth that had been allocated, got a few beers out of the fridge and all sat back to enjoy the early evening sunshine, the company and the view of the bustling up-market marina. The port is one of those that the 'beautiful people' frequent, very up market with loads of designer stores, plenty of good bars & restaurants and, most importantly, a great nightlife.

We must have sat there for an hour, chatting about how great the day had been, and having the odd giggle... Bill said that he almost went into shock when Max had started playing with herself... he said he'd blinked his eyes a couple of times to try and make sure he hadn't dozed off, and that he wasn't dreaming, then when Sam started to fuck Max, that was it... he'd almost cum in his shorts! We also told him about what we'd all been up to the night before & that morning, with Max adding little comments like "I've never swallowed so much cum in an hour, before"! Bill decided that he was at an unfair disadvantage... the original 3 had fucked Max's cunt & mouth 4 times each in the past 20 hours, to his once. Max said "you'll just have to catch up, won't you?", he grinned at the thought.

As it was starting to get dark, it was decided that we should start getting ready for the night out, Sam went down to his cabin to get showered & I went to ours, as I was getting myself spruced up in the bathroom, I could hear noises in the cabin, which were getting louder, I open the door to be greeted by the sight of Bill fucking the hell out of Max with Neil looking on from the other doorway. As I've described before, the cabin has a very large bed with a mirror full width at the head and another just angled off on the opposite wall. Max is a very supple girl, and Bill had her lying on her back with her legs bent double with her thigh tops pushed firmly into her tits, with Bill holding her in place by her ankles. He was kneeling in front of her with his large cock pistoning in & out of her eager shaved pussy. From where I was stood I could see both of them from the side back angle, plus I could see Bill's massive cock slamming into her from the front by looking in the mirror above the bed, and also see his & her ass's in the other mirror... if you enjoy watching your wife being fucked by somebody else, you couldn't wish for a better vantage point... its like have a split screen TV with the 3 views all at the same time! Bill eased the pressure off of Max's ankles and pulled her legs up & over his shoulders he was pumping her like a piston in a racing car, with his full 8" disappearing, and with his balls slapping her ass, her tits were also at full speed, bouncing in rhythm to his pumping, it was a heavenly sight... M had been getting more vocal by the second and suddenly she let out an almighty scream as she orgasamed, almost at the same time Bill started pumping more violently as he started to cum in her cunt, Max's eyes were rolling in pleasure as he shot another load into her, her cunt squeezing every last morsel of his load as he slowed his pumping, Max was still orgasaming, still pressing her pussy hard onto his cock, then she stopped and looked around and smiled at her audience, Sam commented that they both deserved a round of applause, the 3 of us all had huge hard-on's, again, but a glance at the watch said that as much as we would all like to fuck her again, the table reserved in the restaurant would be lost if we weren’t there by 9.30, & it was already 8.30, so not enough time to enjoy the spread legs on the bed in front of us!, but there's always later!

Bill climbed off the bed, with a soaking wet cock, from his cum & Max's juices and went through to the second shower room smiling, Max just lay on the bed with her legs apart, with a wicked smile on her face and cum dribbling out of her well fucked cunt. Normally her pussy lips are a normal flesh colour, but with all the abuse her cunt had received over the past 21 hours, the lips and surround had gone to almost a crimson colour, and the lips of her vagina were much more swollen than normal... it looked stunning being highlighted by the creamy cum lying in the folds! It was also noticeable that during her last orgasm, that they were getting far more, far longer and far more intense, and she was loving every second of it!! I leaned on the bed caressing her leg, and said "are you enjoying yourself?", "God, yes" was the reply, with that she sat up and pulled me towards her, pressing her mouth hard onto mine and pushing her tongue into my mouth and french kissed me with an intensity that was beyond belief, she certainly was having a good time!

All the guy's were sat on the back deck having another beer, and chatting. We all agreed that normally a couple of fucks a day would have worn the old todgers out, but for some reason the more we were fucking Max, the more our cocks were there - harder than normal and immediately jumping into life at the slightest whiff of her pussy – strange but we weren’t complaining!, just then Max appeared from the cabin, as she walked through the lounge towards the patio doors, the light highlighted her stunning body, she had black stiletto heels on plus a black button front linen dress on, which when back lit becomes see thro and shows the beautiful form beneath, she had left a couple of buttons undone at the bottom & one at the top, she looked stunning in the light, her great legs enhanced by the heels clearly visible and her swollen pussy lips clearly on show.. this girl had no underwear on! We all started to get horny again as we all studied the stunning form before us.

We all strolled along the quay to the first stop of the evening, a bar where all those that need to be noticed are found, we wandered in with Max leading the way and the guy's following behind like baby ducks, several guys looked up and smiled at Max as she walked in, and you could see a few puzzled looks as we all surrounded her at the bar, all looking like intense lovers at her, with her returning the looks, as we chatted. I don't know if anybody there guessed what we had been doing, but it was great knowing that the stunning woman in front of us had been well and truly and repeatedly fucked by each & every one of us over the past 24 hours!

After dinner soon!