Written by Max & Chris

23 Feb 2006

The 5 of us had had a really good dinner in a stunning fish restaurant right on the quay of the marina. Max had sat at the head of the table with Neil & Sam sat each side of her. Every now and again I saw Max almost gasp, then smile at one or the other, and I guessed that the guys were playing with her legs or higher... as we walked along the quay she told me that both had been fingering her under the table, and a one point she had been close to orgasaming... just as well she didn't, as the whole restaurant would have know about it!! but said the whole experience had been good, but she thought the guys had been a bit unfair in revving her up with no possibility of her getting satisfaction.

We got to the first stop of the evening, a lively live music bar along the quay. It was around 11 and the place was just starting to get going. We stood around the bar watching the comings & goings, but there was little chance of chatting as the music was rather loud! Sam suggested that Max should have a dance with him, which she did... a bit of a rock & roll... I was quite turned on just watching her dancing with another guy, but to make things better she was dancing right in front of some bright lights that made her dress look almost invisible! There to be seen by all was the stunning figure of my wife gyrating on the dance floor, all the guys in our party were goggle eyed watching as were most of the single guys & some of the girls in the bar. Over the best part of an hour Max danced with Neil, Sam, Bill and myself, with me getting hornier by the minute just watching her enjoying herself. You could see the confusion on other people’s faces, there was this stunning lady having close contact dances with 4 different guys!

We finished the drink in this bar and decided to stroll to another that is a little more intimate. Again we convened around the bar got a drink and had a look around. This bar is rather notorious for playing host to hookers... not your normal street corner types, these are classy ladies that reflect the class of the resort, infact some of them are stunning, and I'm told that you don't get any change out of 500 euro for a few hours entertainment! Most of the girls were already dancing with the single guys, and the whole place just had an atmosphere of sex. A slow dance came on and Bill grabbed Max's hand and led her to the dance floor... as they danced he was caressing her back, with an occasional brush of the tits, he had placed his leg in between hers & I good see her grinding her pussy down onto his leg... unfortunately, for Max & Bill and myself, the slow music finished and they returned to the bar, then Neil took her back to the floor.

It was my round for drinks and as I was waiting to be served a guy next to me said "the lady with you seems to be enjoying herself, we were watching you guys at the other bar", just then a stunning blonde appeared by his side, I'd guess that she was about 30 with a great figure, and he was into his 40's. We introduced ourselves, she was Jacki & he was Nick and I suggested that they joined us for a drink, to which they agreed. I was introducing the guy's just as Max & Neil returned from the dance floor. Max looked straight into Jacki's eyes, and I could see that there was a strong attraction, as they shook hands Max held Jacki's for quite a while. Nick commented that this was their first time at the resort, and that everything they had heard about it's hedonistic nature was true, and that they were enjoying every second. With that Max's favourite music was being played & up she got for a dance, Jacki said it was one of her favourites as well & the 2 girls disappeared onto the dance floor.

Over the next hour or so we all got on like a house on fire, and there was definitely fire in the 2 girls, as well as in every guys trousers sat around the table! As it was probable 3am by now, I suggested that Nick & Jacki might like to come back to the yacht for a drink, to which they agreed. The girls were deep in conversation walking arm in arm along the quay back through the marina with us guys following behind. We got back onboard & I made us all a drink after putting on some 'mood music', Max & Jacki were sat together, chatting and Max called out a said "Hey, Chris these guys have been to Hedo, as well!" (Hedo or Hedonism II is a notorious hotel resort in Jamaica, where anything goes & cums!!). That was it, I had guessed that Nick & Jacki were swingers and this had confirmed it! Max had a big smile on her face as I gave her her drink, I could tell that she wanted pussy, and that look on her face said that she was going to get it!

Probably 10 minutes went by with chatting and remembering our 2 weeks at Hedo, Max had been caressing Jacki's leg as we chatted, then suddenly Jacki lent over to Max and they started kissing, getting more passionate by the second... all us guys had immediate hard cocks, just watching the sight in front of us, Max was now squeezing Jacki's tit with passion & Jacki was running her hand up & down Max's leg, further up on each caress, until her fingers got to Max's uncovered pussy, with the other hand she was unbuttoning Max's dress, which fell open just in time to see Jacki's 2 fingers disappear into Max's very wet cunt, Jacki lent down even further and took one of Max's nipples gently into her mouth and started to play with it with her tounge, Max's eyes were rolling with pleasure, as Jacki was working all of Max's senses... and was putting more fingers into Max on each of her probing until she was fisting Max with a vengeance… this was the first time I’d seen max with a whole fist in her cunt & god, was it horny!… jacki’s wrist was covered in Max’s juices and was sliding in an out of Max’s shaved pussy with ease… Max soon came to a raging orgasm, or was it 2?, and leaned back and started to undo the zip on the back of Jacki's dress, as she helped Jacki get it off, we could see that Jacki had not been wearing any underclothes, either... she had stunning tits, with big hard nipples, Max wasted no time in getting them into her mouth, as she started to rub Jacki's pussy, slowly Max got onto the floor and got her head in between Jacki's legs, Jacki lifted one onto the settee so Max could get a better approach, Max's tounge was straight onto Jacki's hard clit, using a dipping movement to let her tounge slide over the wet lips of Jacki's cunt... soon she was eating Jacki for all she was worth, and it wasn't long before Jacki let rip with a screaming orgasm, by now all the guys had taken off all the clothes and were all stroking their rock hard cocks whist watching the wonderful show that the girls were performing. Max looked me and smiled... her face was soaking wet from Jacki's cunt juice & shined as it caught the light, Max said "are you horny load of bastards going to sit there all night, wanking, or do I get a good fucking?" Jacki said "I need a good shag, too" None of us needed a second invitation, Neil sat in front of Max who was still on the floor but now leaning over the settee, Nick drove his generous cock straight into Max's sopping cunt, and started fucking her with urgency, meanwhile, Jacki had slid along the settee to where I was sat and knelt down & took my cock straight down her throat, Sam was positioning himself behind her and pushed his cock straight into her open crack, Neil had lifted Max off the settee and was now sat with his cock in her mouth whilst Nick was still pumping her hard from behind, & Bill was sat next to Neil groping Max's tits as they swung to the rhythm of her being fucked. Nick started pumping Max vigorously, and shoot his large load right into Max's cunt, he then moved over & Bill was straight there, first he lay on his back just under Max's dripping cunt and started licking her clit, then he buried his toung right into her, lapping up Max & Nic's juices, then Neil started to Cum, Max was pushing his cock right down her own throat, as her spurted his juice it must have gone straight into her stomach, you could see the bulge in her throat which was the head of his generous cock! Max rolled over and Bill was straight on top of her, fucking her senseless... meanwhile Sam & myself had repositioned Jacki so that she was lying over the end of the settee, Sam was pumping her mouth whilst I was fucking her cunt, it didn't take long for Sam to shoot his load into her eager mouth, as he came his cum started to run out of her mouth and towards her eyes, that was enough for me, and I shot straight into her cunt, she was screaming, "cum you bastard, I want your spunk in me", and god did she get it! As I finished & pulled out Jacki started to wipe Sam's cum off of her face and put it down into her cunt, then she started rubbing the combined juices around her opening, she looked up and saw that her husband was now kneeling next to Max's head who was sucking on his cock whilst still being pummelled by Bill, Jacki stood up & went over & stood next to Nick, he turned & pulled her pussy towards him and gave her a big slow lick, ummm that’s tasty, I'm sure Max would like to taste that... with that Max stopped sucking Nic's cock, and Jacki stooped down moving her cunt to Max's lips, spunk was dripping out of it as she lowered with drips landing on Max's lips... as the cunt & mouth lips met Max started licking Jacki's pussy hard, taking all the love juice she could find, suddenly Max stopped licking and gave out a loud scream as Bill gave her another orgasm... with that Bill started to fill Max's cunt, as soon as he'd finished, and pulled out Jacki leant over Max & went into the 69 position, both girls eagerly licking each others juicy pussies... It was an awesome sight. Probably after five minutes the girls stopped and both sat on the floor next to each other holding hands after kissing again, passionately.

Nick looked at his watch and said as it was 5am that maybe they ought to go... we suggested that they might like to come out on the yacht the next day, but they said that unfortunately they were flying home that afternoon - a real shame, but we got their phone number, and we have met up with them, since, but that’s another story!!

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