Written by Max & Chris

12 Feb 2006

After all the excitement of the morning fuck session, everybody had showers & dressed. As it was so late, brunch was the order of the day, which was eaten on the flybridge (for the uninitiated driving & sunbathing area up stairs) with everybody looking at each other with stupid smiles on their faces, & lets face it the guys had everything to smile about... we'd all cum 3 times each & Max had taken all of it, all within 14 hours!, but the best smile had to be M's... she looked has happy as a pig in muck! Even better as the weather was very warm & sunny, she'd decided to take brunch in her new black G-string bikini, of which the bra holds those stunning breasts perfectly for all to see through the thin fabric, and the g string covers her modesty - just! then wrapped around her waist was a sheer black wrap. - stunning!

We'd decided that we should cruise down the coast about 20 miles to a really lively marina for a night or 2, the sea was flat (perfect for fast motoring) and the temp. was in the early 80's. Max said she'd clear the plates away whilst us guys got the yacht ready to depart. Just then another friend of ours, Bill, showed up on the quay... he lives in Spain permanently, on his yacht, and had seen the lights on the previous night & had decided to come round & see how we were. We explained that we were going down the coast for a couple of nights, & he told us that his wife had flown back home for 4 nights & was at a bit of a loose end, so I suggested that he came with us... I looked at Max to get he approval & she winked, meaning Yes. (A few months before, we'd been out for a night with Bill & his wife, when we got back to the marina, she had made her excuses & gone back to bed & B had come to ours for a drink, cut a long story, short Max & Bill had a dance which ended up as a bit of a groping session, no full on sex, just plenty of french kissing with plenty of rubbing of cock, tits & pussy), and I knew that Max wanted to take his cock (she told me it was big!) so this was the perfect opportunity. B went back to his boat to get some clothes & was soon onboard & ready to go. Whilst he was gone, we all decided not to tell Bill about the fuck sessions, just let Max get him into it as soon as possible!

We cast off the ropes of the yacht & glided out of the marina... no sooner were we around the harbour wall and Max took of the bikini top & the wrap leaving a very scanty g-string, which apart from the black waist string and a little vee of fabric at the front, didn't really exist! -certainly not much was left to the imagination! Bill looked at her body, eagerly, and from where I was sat I could see his eyes going up & down her body, I could tell he'd already fucked her twice, in his head!!

We had a steady ride down the coast, with everybody just chilling out, and we got to within 5 miles of our destination & we decided to turn off the engines & float free, enjoying a beer or 2 & catching a few of the rays. The best place for this, again is the flybridge - it has a double sun pad, a big u shaped bench seat plus another twin helm seat, and a bimini top (sun shade). Max had grabbed the sun pad & the guys were spread around the seating... all the guys were casually looking around & chatting, but their eyes kept going back to Max... she was laid out on her back, her nipples were erect (could have been the breeze or just thinking of what she'd had & what she was going to get!) and the ass string of her bikini was well worked into her stunning, still juicy, pussy... everything was on show. I think she knew that we were all looking at her, because she started to gently rub her tits, just letting a finger brush the nipple, and slowly she ran her finger down her belly, pausing for a minute at her gold belly chain, then running with the chain, then back to the centre of her belly, further her finger went, moving out to her hips, down the outside of her leg & back up crossing over the leg to the top of her inner thigh. By now there wasn't an eye that wasn't firmly fixed on M, slowly & gently she started to rub her pussy lips, gradually getting more positive, pulling the lips back with one finger & stroking herself with the other, after a few minutes she opened her legs wider, so everybody could get a really good look at what she was doing to herself, now she was really starting to work the outside of her cunt, then in went the first finger, then the second, then her other hand came down to play, her two fingers were now slowly pumping in & out of her whilst she played with her clit & pussy lips, faster the fingers went, and I could tell she wasn't far from cumming... her eyes were now open, staring in an intense way and she was pressing up on her legs, with both hands now furiously working her cunt... suddenly she screamed out and returned her ass to the mattress "I NEED COCK" she said as she pulled her bikini bottom off( I don't think B could believe what was happening - he was sat mouth open!!) immediately Sam was lifting her legs up, and in went his seriously hard cock (everybody's was after that show!) and it didn't take very long for him to shoot into her, Sam climbed off & I looked a Bill and nodded towards Max still lying on her back with her legs in the air "I need more cock, NOW" was shouted out, so Bill didn't waist any time, down came his shorts & I could see what Max had meant about 'big' it was a good 9", by now Neil & myself were kneeling next to Max on the sun pad, both caressing her tits, with Max holding both of our hard cocks and as Bill lined himself up to slip his cock in, both Neil & I held her legs high & wide, in he went, almost making a squelching sound as it slipped in, she squeezed our cocks hard as he entered her, he fucked her really hard, she had 2 orgasms whilst he was pumping her, then he shoot his load with a shout... Neil went next, and I finished off, by the time I'd finished her pussy was soaking... there was cum all over her thighs, and from her pussy right onto her belly, she laid there for a minute, all the cum glistening in the sun, then started running her fingers through the cum on her belly, and down to her cunt, dipping them well inside, and bringing them back out, dripping with hers & 4 guys cum, she looked at us all staring at her, and slipped her soaking fingers into her mouth, hungrily sucking the spunk off her fingers, then she looked up and said "Thanks guys, I needed that!", she got up from the sun pad & as she stood up a VERY large stream of cum ran down her leg, plus there was cum dripping straight out of her cunt onto the floor and forming a pool - heaven!!

Max went downstairs to clean herself up, as us guys headed the yacht towards the marina, and it was still only 5.30 in the afternoon!

More soon!