Written by Dan

27 Apr 2005

Uncle Dan

Dan and his wife Lou lived and worked in the Middle East. Much of that time was on expatriate ‘compounds’; Places that had walls round them allowing most of the naughty things that westerners got up to, to get on with but, at the same time hiding this from the local population who definitely would not have approved of the alcohol or, even more, the general air of licentiousness that prevailed. Dan and Lou enjoyed themselves but tended to regard what ‘the youngsters’ did with an air of benign understanding.

They made many friends there, including a young couple, Joe and Sue, who were just married and very much in love. Joe was remarkable for his height. He stood 6 foot 9 inches. OK, he was as thin as a rake but you definitely noticed him. Sue was around middling height with very pleasant curves. Not unexpectedly, Sue became pregnant and Leila was duly born. ‘Leila’? well they were in the Middle East and it was a nice name.

Lou was particularly involved with the raising of Leila in her early years and they became ‘Uncle Dan and Aunty Lou’. Inevitably, Joe moved jobs and they left the area. However, they kept in touch and met up from time to time usually when they were on leave in the UK. Leila was a very lanky young girl but, by the time she was around 14, her figure developed. She had the legs of her father and began to show the curves of her mother. The combination was decidedly eye catching! She was over 6 foot with legs that seemed to go up to her shoulders!

Leila did well at school and went on to University where she read English. She somehow got involved with the Army and they provided her with skiing holidays and other diversions. Dan and Lou gathered from her mother that Leila ‘enjoyed’ life and it really came as no surprise when they heard that she was going to join the Army – the obvious advantage being that the Army would pick up all the debts that she had managed to run-up at University. Leila spent a year doing her basic officer’s training and then was posted to a camp near to Dan and Lou’s. She came to see them once or twice and Dan and Lou went to see her in camp. After a couple of months she was allowed to live off camp and she rented a house with two of her fellow junior officers. Dan and Lou met them and they were like chalk and cheese. Amy was just like a young Audrey Hepburn, slight, petite and very pretty. Julie on the other hand was very full figured and one suspected that, in a few years time she would get a bit ‘blousy’ but at 22 she was really luscious!

Dan and Lou got a call one day from Sue asking if they would take some gifts round to Leila for her birthday. Since Lou was going out, Dan bought couple of bottles of Moet and a bunch of red roses and drove round to Leila’s house. As he got out of the car, Julie came down the road. She was dressed in her uniform that did nothing to flatter her figure but confirmed that there was a lot of Julie underneath. She gave Dan a chaste kiss and said, “Hallo Uncle Dan” – Leila had introduced them as ‘Uncle Dan and Aunty Lou’ –and the titles had stuck - “I guess those are presents for Leila’s birthday”. Dan nodded and Julie opened the door and they both went in.

They went into the lounge and there was nobody there. Julie walked into the bedroom door and opened it.

“Oh, wow. Uncle Dan come and look at this.”

Dan stepped beside her and was dumbstruck. Amy and Leila, both stark naked, were in the ‘69’ position. Amy was on top of Leila sucking away at Leila’s cunt. Her arms were round Leila’s legs so that her hands could pull the cheeks of Leila’s arse apart and she had her fingers stuck right up Leila’s bottom. From what Dan could see, it looked as if Leila was doing the same to Amy.

Dan found out afterwards that Amy had come in earlier with a birthday present for Leila. It was a very skimpy bra and thong. Even worse, Amy had bought them only one size bigger than her own – and Leila was most definitely bigger than that! Leila had stripped off and put them on with the result that her nipples and cunt were popping out. The girls had a hysterical time trying to get the bits to cover Leila. As they struggled, Amy’s touching became more of a caress and then to a kissing of Leila’s breasts. Leila said that her first reaction had been to push Amy away but, as Amy increased her kissing, Leila had begun to enjoy it and had begun to pull Amy’s clothes off. One thing led to another until they got to where we had disturbed them. Both of them said that they had never done anything like that before – but equally they said that it was now on their sexual agenda!

The girls looked up – as far as that was possible!

“Hello, Uncle Dan, why don’t you come and join us?”

Dan was speechless. He managed to stammer out, rather pathetically, “But I’m your uncle.” Not strictly true but that was all he could think of. In the meantime, he had got the hardest erection that he could ever remember having.

Julie looked at the two naked girls on the floor and then at the bulge in Dan’s trousers and remarked, “Well, you’re not my uncle”, knelt down and unzipped his flies. She pulled out his swollen cock and took it into her mouth. Now, Dan had never boasted of his size – six and a bit inches and very average diameter – but it was the first time that all of it disappeared into a girl’s mouth. Julie plainly loved giving head and equally obviously had had a lot of practice. It was gorgeous. As he stood there lost in reverie, the other two girls got up. Amy’s body was as lovely as Dan had always imagined. Everything about her was petite and beautifully proportioned. Lovely little tits that didn’t move as she got up but just stayed perkily turned up with beautiful little pinkish brown nipples that were clearly very hard. She knelt down behind Julie and quickly took off her clothes. Goodness knows how she did it with Julie firmly holding Dan in her mouth. Completely different from Amy, Julie was wonderfully huge! Outsize tits and a beautiful large arse. As Dan had felt, in a few years’ time probably much of what Dan saw would begin to sag but now, it was all superbly firm. Even better, Julie’s mouth was doubling its efforts on his cock! Amy put her hands round Julie and, cupping her nipples gave Julie’s tits a squeeze. One of her hands slid down to Julie’s crutch and began to explore her cunt. Julie gave a sigh and her body began to gently rock to and fro. Amy’s efforts also had the effect that Julie’s mouth tightened around Dan’s cock.

Leila stood up and, as she walked round behind Dan, her legs dominated his view. They were glorious. Long and well shaped they went all the way up to her crutch that had a distinct gap at the top. The lips of her cunt were pouting out. And Dan could see that she was very wet. Whether this was from Amy’s mouth or her own juices he couldn’t determine. She pressed herself up behind him and began to remove his clothes. First his shirt, making the top of his body bare. She put her arms around him and gave him a hug. Rapidly, she turned his attention to his lower body. Sliding his trousers and briefs off his legs, she almost toppled both of them onto the floor. Finally, she took off Dan’s shoes and socks. She stood up, hugged him and he felt her hands slide down to his cock. Julie continued to suck it while Leila pulled it taut at the base. There was nothing Dan could do but come. And he did. The first squirt rocketed out into Julie’s mouth. She hesitated for a second then she looked-up and smiled. She slowly slid his cock out and licked the cum as it continued to gush out. Amy, seeing what was happening pulled Julie’s arm towards her so that she could also lick his cock. Leila, also seeing what was happening, hardened her grip on the root of his cock and waved it across the faces of Julie and Amy. You don’t need to be told that fairly soon, Dan’s cock began to sag.

However, there is something called happenstance! Three or four weeks ago, their neighbour, a well-preserved widow, had asked Lou if Dan could help her move some heavy things in her house. Lou had, of course, agreed and Dan had been dispatched round to see what needed to be done. In fact, what she wanted was ‘re-moving’; all of their clothes and then moving her voluptuous, if somewhat heavy, body rapidly up and down. Since Dan and Lou had been exercising their ‘conjugal rights’ earlier that morning Dan’s performance had not been outstanding. He made up for it the next day but determined he would always have a Viagra pill with him if any such unexpected opportunity presented itself again. For those of you who do not need the assistance of Viagra, you are to be envied but for poor old guys like Dan, it’s a godsend. The effect is sensational and very quickly, you get a magnificent hard on which stays and stays. – and, my god wasn’t this just such an occasion? Dan bent down and got the pill out of his wallet and swallowed it.

“What’s that Uncle Dan?”

“Something I know that will please you.” He replied with a smile

It isn’t instantaneous but with Leila continuing to hold his cock and the other two girls taking turns to suck it, Dan rapidly came back to full hardness. He turned round so that he was face to face with Leila. More importantly, he now had her tits pressed against his chest. He slid his hand down to her crutch and felt her delightfully moist cunt. Leaning back against the wall, she raised her left leg. Dan helped it up further and suddenly saw that he was going to have one of his ambitions realised; fucking a woman standing up. Dan was 6’4” tall and normally, unless the girl turned round and leant forward so that he could get into her from behind, they were too short. But here was Leila, only slightly shorter than Dan and he slipped into her with no problem. Amy and Julie had their hands through Dan’s legs and goodness knows what Leila had up her cunt; Dan’s cock, and masses and masses of fingers. The fingers felt their way into Leila’s arse while others felt round his balls and up his arse too.

Leila came with a scream and Dan stood back lowering her leg. Immediately, Amy swung him round and pulled him down onto his back on the floor. She climbed on top of him and with her lovely little arse waving in his face proceeded to ride him. She rapidly climaxed and then moved her arse back over his face. Dan almost choked on the fountain of juices that was running out of her cunt. She tasted beautiful. Meanwhile, she had taken his sore but still rampant cock in her mouth. With difficulty, Dan looked around - well, you try to see with a lovely little cunt obscuring most of your vision! He saw that Leila was tonguing Julie and Julie was showing her appreciation with little gasps and screams of pleasure. At last, Amy slid off Dan and Leila came up for air.

“Happy birthday Leila.” Dan said, wiping clean his chin. “What are you doing for the rest of the evening?”

“My god”, said Leila. “The boys are coming round to take us out and they’re supposed to be here in 10 minutes time.” ‘The Boys’ she explained were their current boyfriends.

: So, you’d better get ready.”

Amy said, “I don’t want to go out, I want to keep fucking.” Julie nodded enthusiastically and Leila looked at Dan.

“Well, if you’re going to have them in here, you’d better get ready.”

“What do you mean?”

Well, I think you should present yourselves so that there’s no doubt about what you want from them.”

“How do you mean?”

“Have you got any ‘tit tape’?

“I have’, said Julie

“Let’s have it then.”

Julie brought some strips and Dan made them sit down on the sofa with Leila in the middle. He then took roses from the bunch he had brought with him and then, making sure there were no thorns sticking out, he carefully taped a rose on each of the girls’ nipples. He then got Leila to open her legs and Julie and Amy put their inside legs over Leila’s. Very carefully, he stuck a rose in each girl’s cunt. The effect was spectacular Dan’s cock hardened yet again as he admired his work.

Just then, the doorbell chimed.

“That’s them”. said Leila

“Well just you wait and see their faces when I let them in. Now don’t say anything until I’ve given them instructions.”

“What instructions….”

Dan was pulling on his shirt and trousers and didn’t reply.

The doorbell rang again and he went out into the entrance hall and opened the door. There were three guys standing there with bunches of flowers and boxes of chocolates. They were clearly taken aback to see this old man instead of the girls.

“Come in, the girls have got a surprise for you.”

They came in and walked into the lounge. Dan wished he had a camera to capture their expressions. Their mouths gaped in astonishment.

“Take your clothes off.”

There was no hesitation. You’ve never seen lads remove their clothes so rapidly. One almost fell over in his haste. Very shortly, they were all naked. All their cocks were hard. Two of the boys were quite well endowed – 7+ inches with a fair girth. However, the smallest lad had the most amazing cock Dan had ever seen. It was at least 10 inches long and massively thick. Everybody, with the exception of Amy gasped. Unbelievably, Guy, that was his name, was Amy’s boyfriend.

“Now Leila, it’s your birthday, which would you like first?”

There was no surprise when Leila said, “That one.” Pointing at Guy.

Dan pushed Guy forward and said, “Give Leila the best present you’ve got.”

Guy needed no further urging. Dropping to his knees he plucked the rose out of Leila’s cunt and buried his head in her crutch.

“That’s lovely but what I want is that cock of yours in me.”

Guy got of f his knees and as the girls untwined themselves from Leila he plunged into her. Leila gave a little scream of pleasure and pulled him tightly into her. Guy began to fuck faster and faster with Leila continuing to shout with pleasure. The other lads moved towards the girls but Dan motioned them back reminding them that it was Leila’s birthday and she had to be pleasured first. They stopped but understandably began to wank. The girls were playing with themselves while watching Guy plunging into Leila. In a very short while, he gasped that he was going to come. Leila pushed him out of her and he shot a heavy stream of sperm over her tits with some reaching her face.

“OK girls, lick Leila clean so that the other lads have got a clear run.”

The girls needed no second order. They licked every bit of sperm off Leila. Amy, I noticed was particularly attentive to Leila’s cunt.

“Now come on you other two, let’s see what you can do for Leila’s present.”

The boys looked at each other and then one of them pulled Leila gently onto the floor on her front. The other, Darren, knelt in front of her and offered his cock to her face. Leila greedily began to suck it. Will was knelt between her legs and raising her into a kneeling position thrust his cock into her. Leila had a look of ecstasy on her face. Her body was rocking backwards and forwards with Will’s efforts while more and more of Darren’s cock was disappearing down her throat with each suck.

Dan glanced round. Julie had got Guy’s cock in her mouth and even though it was still a bit soft from coming, it was still too big for Julie to take it all in. Amy was staring at the others with an expression of sheer lust. She moved towards Dan. Ripped his trousers down. Gave his cock a quick suck and then hauled him down and into her.

Leila had sucked Darren to the point of coming and then eased his cock out of her mouth. A thick stream of sperm shot into her face and hair. Will continued to ram into her from behind and it was clear from the sounds that both of them were making that they were both about to come. Seconds later Will came and Leila screamed as she both felt his sperm spurt into her and she climaxed herself.

“Anybody like double penetration?” Asked Dan.

“I’ve had that once”, said Julie. “One man up my arse while the other one fucked me.”

“Yes, but that’s not real double penetration.”

“What do you mean.” Asked Amy.

Two men both fucking in your cunt,”

“Is that possible?” asked Will.

“I’ll show you. Will, lie on your back and Leila kneel on him and get him comfortably in your cunt.” Will lay down and Leila knelt over him. She put his cock into her cunt and pushed back so that she had all of him inside her.

“Now stay still for a minute.”

Dan knelt down behind Leila and pushed his cock in beside Will’s. Now only if you have done this can you really appreciate the feeling. Dan felt Will and Leila tense. He slowly began to thrust himself in and out. Leila began to moan and Dan could feel Will begin to move with both of them. Naturally, it’s impossible to keep in rhythm and both Dan and Will occasionally slipped out of Leila’s cunt. But the overall effect was wonderful. Leila came with a shout of pleasure. Dan’s cock slipped out of Leila’s cunt and he pushed it into her arse. There was no difficulty. His cock was running with Leila’s cunt juices and frankly she was absolutely sopping. As he slid in, Leila murmured, “That’s lovely Uncle Dan”.

Everyone had everybody else in virtually every combination and position. The highlight, for Dan, was when Amy, with Guy in her cunt – where all that massive cock went in little Amy, Dan couldn’t guess – first of all she took him in her mouth and then guided him round to her arse. With Guy inside her at the same time, the feeling was fantastic. Goodness knows how many times he came that evening. Not an awful lot was coming out but it was still fucking wonderful.

Slowly the tempo wound down.

“I think it’s time for a toast/”

“Great idea”, said Amy, “I’ll get some glasses”.

“No need for glasses, we’ll drink out of Leila’s cunt. Lie on you back and pull you legs back with your arms sweetie.” Dan instructed Leila. She took up this position that left her cunt gleaming in the light.

“Now pull your cunt lips open.”

Leila did this and the others waited in anticipation. Dan opened one of the bottles of Moet he had brought and poured it foaming into Leila’s cunt. Most of it trickled down her crutch but there was a little left inside. “Happy Birthday. Leila” Dan said as he sucked the champagne from her cunt. He stood up and poured some more in.

“Well, who’s next to toast Leila?”

Will got there first and sucked at Leila’s cunt. He sat back and Dan poured more in for each of the boys and girls to ‘toast’ Leila. It was a good job he thought that he’d brought two bottles, as both of the other girls wanted ‘toasting’ as well.

Dan took Leila into the corner and, after filling her cunt up again with champagne, he fucked her. I can recommend having a fuck with the girl’s cunt filled with champagne. There is a ‘je ne sais quoi’ about it. They fucked for a while but then Dan rolled off Leila and lay there.

“I’m really fucked,” said Leila. Everybody broke into laughter.

They had a shower with as many people as they could cram into together. They all kissed and caressed but they were all too far gone to do more than raise a smile.

They dressed, kissed and Dan and the boys left.

The next morning Dan got a call from Amy who, you will have realised, had really made her mark with Dan – and I don’t just mean just love bites of which he had got more than his fair share. He thought she was absolutely gorgeous. She thanked him for an unforgettable evening and then said, “Uncle Dan, it’s my birthday next month, could you organise something different especially for me?”

Any ideas?