Written by Lyn4666

15 Mar 2006

This happened several years ago, it was the first time, but not the last.

I was going out with friends from work on a night out, as it was the first time I had been out in a while, I had treated myself to some new underwear, silk stockings and panties and a nice basque which really showed off my tits. I did not realy have a short skirt, however the one I was wearing was short enough if need be and a low cut blouse completed the outfit.

As I got ready, I was starting to feel horny, I was hoping my partner would come home and give me a good seeing too before I went out, however as the time came to go out he still had not came home, which annoyed and disapointed me, still, I thought, I will make up for it when I get home.

Well the night went fine, we all went for a meal, visited a few pubs and as the night wore on one of my friends suggested we should go to a nightclub, well I had not planned on staying out late, but as I was still a bit annoyed that my partner had not came home plus the effects of the drink, I thought what the hell, why not.

Lisa and I went to a club that was more for our generation, more 70s and 80s music, not really the place where youngsters go.

Well we got in, got a couple of drinks and went and found a table, it was not that busy, although there were a few people dancing and there was a nice atmosphere.

We had been sitting for a while, when a man came and asked me for a dance, I said not, however Lisa dared me, saying not to be an old square, so I got up and danced with him, he was quite attractive, after the dance he came back to the table and introduced himself as Ian, and the usual chat, do you come here often etc, etc.

Ian went and got us a drink and Lisa was saying to me I had scored, I laughed and told her not to be silly, however she was saying that he was gorgeous and she would be in like a shot.

Ian came back with the drinks and sat beside me, we made some more small talk, but I could not help noticing that he could not keep his eyes off my tits, and I was wondering if Lisa was right, as he was leaning over to chat to me, his hand brushed the outside of my thigh and a shock went straight to my pussy. I had not planned on doing anything with another man, however, with a combination of the drink, and frustration from earlier I found myself wondering what it would be like.

A slow dance came on and Ian pulled me to the floor, he held me really tightly and started whispering to me how beautiful I was and what a fantastic body I had, this was having an affect on me and my nipples were sticking out like pokers, Ian must have taken this as a green light as the next thing his hand had slipped down my back and had started to fondle my arse, he felt my suspender belt through my skirt and I thought that he was going to pull me down on the dance floor and fuck me there. He was saying how wondefful I was, how he loved women who wore stockings, how he was going to fuck me, he had moved his hand under my skirt by now and was rubbing my arse through my panties, I did not care any more if other people were watching, by now I was as horny as anything and I was wanting the bulge I could feel from Ians trousers in my hand, my mouth and my pussy.

We got back to the table and I told Lisa to go and get more drinks, as soon as she had gone Ian slid his hand up my skirt and started kissing my neck, I parted my legs and Ians hand started to rub my pussy through my panties, I started to rub his cock through his trousers, it felt huge, I had to have it, by this time I only had one thing on my mind where were we going to go, I was so horny I would have let him fuck me on the table.

I said to Ian, we will have to go somehwere, we could not go back to mine as my partner would be there, Ian said his partner would be home too but his friend was the manager of a pub near to the club he often had a lock in and we could go there where it was more private, now if I had been sober, there is no way I would have done it, but with the drink all I could think about was getting Ians cock pounding into my now sopping wet pussy.

When Lisa came back we finished our drinks quickly, I made up an excuse and told Lisa I would see her at work on Monday, we got our coats and left, virtually running to Ians friends pub, we went to the fire exit and Ian nocked on the door, after a minute it was opened, it was Ians friend Drew, there were another two men at the bar, however Ian said he would get the drinks and we could sit at the table round the corner where we could not be seen.

As I have said it is not like me to do anything like this, however I was too far gone by this stage, I went to the table and took my coat off, Ian joined me with the drinks, however I was not interested in a drink by then, the only thing I wanted in my mouth was his cock.

Ian sat down and we started kissing, his hands fondling my tits through my blouse, he had not touched them at the club and the way he was caressing them I was in heaven, Ian undid my blouse and puleed my basque down, letting my tits fall free, he started sucking one nipple and then moved to the other, his hand had pulled my skirt up to my waist, he pushed my panties aside and started rubbing my clit before pushing two fingers up my pussy, I could not wait any longer and unbottoned Ians trousers and pulled down his zip, his cock was sticking out of the end of his boxers, I pulled them down and started to wank his lovely cock.

This was making Ian more excited, as I could feel from his fingers moving faster in and out of my pussy, his other hand squeezing my tits and nipples. Iam whispered to me to take his cock in my mouth, and that was it, I came, I ground my pussy onto his fingers as a wave of pleasure passed through me. I took Ians hand from my pussy and got on my knees, stroking his cock before taking the head in my mouth and slowly moving up and down it, taking it in my mouth an inch at a time, my other hand moved to my panties and started rubbing my clit.

I looke up at Ian but he was looking past me, I turned to look and Drew and the other two men from the bar were watching us, all three of them with their cocks in their hands and me on my knees with my tits out and my skirt around my waist and my fingers on my pussy, Drew looked and said could he do that for me, I just smiled and went back to sucking Ians cock.

The next thing I knew my panties were been taken off and a new set of fingers started fingering my pussy, another of the men, Keith started playing with my tits and the last, Peter, sat next to Ian and asked me to suck him next, this was too much for Ian and he shot his load deep in my throat, as I gathered my breath, I started stroking Peters cock, just as I started to suck it, I felt Drew shove his cock into me, I felt like a wanton slut and I was loving every minute of it.

Needless to say, I was fucked sensless by all of them, I must have came about eight times and I did not get home until after five in the morning, just as well my partner was asleep as I was covered in spunk, however if he had looked after me properly before I had went out it would never have happened.