Written by Mark

21 Oct 2005

They say you should never knock something until you’ve tried it. That wouldn’t have been my philosophy until an incident that happened about four months ago that took me completely by surprise and changed my whole attitude towards, well you’ll see as you read on…….

At the time this happened I was going through a really bad patch in my marriage and she and I decided that space was needed. She didn’t want to leave the house so it was up to me to make alternative housing arrangements and after much hassle I finally ended up taking a room in a family home. It wasn’t ideal as I really wanted to be independent and not have to worry about other people around the place.

Anyway, the couple of the house were really nice and welcomed me with open arms; they seemed pleased to have someone new in their home. She was called Jo and in her early forties. She looked ok although there weren’t any lurid thoughts going through my mind given the situation with my wife and me having too much on my mind. He was Colin, who I found out later was 43 and a really nice guy. Life settled down quite quickly and they treated me like one of the family which was a welcome change from the battle zone I was experiencing at home with my wife.

On a few occasions I’d come in from work and walk through to the kitchen for my evening cuppa that Jo always made, to find another woman sat with her having what I assumed to be a girly chat. I’d make my apologies, pick up my tea and retire to my room. I found out the other woman was Barb, Jo’s best friend from school who lived not far away and thus was a regular visitor.

Everything was going fine staying with Jo and Colin; everyone’s privacy was respected and there was never any hint of impropriety, either from them or me. All that changed one Thursday night that gave me a totally different outlook on life.

I’d come home from work early and met Jo in the hallway. I told her I was going to my room with a cuppa and my book so it was unlikely I’d see her or Colin for the rest of the night. She said that was ok, but if I wanted anything to come down and help myself from the fridge.

I stayed in my room reading and occasionally dozing of until I was woken by the back door slamming and then women’s voices; I assumed Barb had popped in for one of her usual chats and thought nothing of it. About 8o’clock I was in need of more tea and started down the stairs to the kitchen. At the bottom of the stairs, as I passed the lounge door I heard conversation so I opened the door to say hi.

Barb was still there talking to Jo and Colin. Colin waved me in and asked if I’d like something a little stronger. He knew I had a penchant for malt whiskey and walked over to the drinks cabinet to pour me one. I sat next to Barb as Col handed me my drink. The conversation was pretty dreary and after about 30 minutes I started to make a move to my room. As I rose, Barb put her hand on my arm and said ‘You’re not leaving are you? We were thinking of having a bit of fun. I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about and in my naivety thought that something like Trivial Pursuit was going to be played. ‘OK, I’ll play for a while’ I said.

With that Barb got to her feet and walked over to where Jo was sat and knelt in front of her. All three of them were watching the expression on my face as Barb slowly slid her hands up the outside of Jo’s legs taking her skirt as she did so. The skirt slid right up to her thighs and I was amazed to see Jo wasn’t wearing any knickers. She had a smooth, shaved pussy that seemed to be glistening with juices. Barb parted Jo’s legs and gave me a wicked smile as she went down to lick her. My jaw hitting the ground could probably have been heard five streets away and quickly, very quickly my cock started to rise to the occasion. I instinctively started to rub it, not being able to take my eyes off the show that was taking place. Col then stood up and started taking his clothes off. Once naked he knelt down behind Barb and lifted her dress to expose a lovely rounded arse covered by a pair of big knickers. He pulled them over her arse and she knew what was going to happen as she lifted her arse to let him lick her cunt and bum.

I was still totally dumbstruck; Jo, who had been lying back enjoying Barb’s tongue working her clit, looked across at me and said ‘Aren’t you going to get undressed and come over here’ I didn’t need asking twice. I was a little nervous at first, never having been naked in a situation like this before and certainly not in the company of another guy. But nevertheless, the urge to get involved in this fun was to powerful. I finished stripping and moved over to Jo who reached out for my cock and guided it into her mouth. Not having had sex since moving out of my marital home I was bursting as soon as Jo started sucking me off. I told her I was about to come but she just carried on giving me the best blow job I’d had in a long time; I tensed up and shoot hot cum into her mouth. She didn’t swallow but tapped Barb on the shoulder and beckoned her to come up to her face. Jo then kissed Barb firmly on the lips as she then transferred my spunk between them. Jo then pushed me down to lay back on the sofa and both she and Barb proceeded to lick my cock clean. It’s surprising how quick you can start to get hard again when two half naked women are licking your cock at the same time!!

After a couple of minutes they both stood up and took off the rest of their clothes. I hadn’t really taken much notice of Jo’s figure since I’d been staying with them, but naked she looked gorgeous; her tits were large but not huge and her legs were of model proportions. Barb was a little plump but not fat. Her tits were larger that Jo’s with big brown nipples that looked like they needed lots of sucking. Watching them stripping and kissing and touching each other was giving me another rampant hard-on and as my concentration was completely on the women I hadn’t felt Col come and sit next to me. The first time I realised he was there was when he moved my hands away from my cock and started to stroke it himself. Again I was gobsmacked. Never had another guy touched me there so for him to be slowly wanking me was beyond all comprehension. However, I didn’t stop him and watching him doing what he was doing, just heightened the excitement. Instinctively, I reached out to grab his cock; he was bigger than me, both in length and girth which made it seem all the better. This went on for five minutes or so; Jo and Barb were sat on the floor watching me and Col playing with each other’s cocks and at the same time were fingering each others cunt’s.

Col then smiled at me and bent his head down towards my prick. I couldn’t believe what he was about to do; he took the whole of my cock into his mouth and very expertly sucked as any woman would have done. I had the urge to try this on him although had anyone asked me the day before if I’d ever suck another guy’s cock the answer would have been a definite NO. Nevertheless, I moved off the sofa and got into a 69 position with him. As I held Col’s cock, I was wondering what it would taste like; I put my lips around the bell end and slowly started taking it further into my mouth. The feeling was electric; I was so turned on I couldn’t believe I could have ever felt like this sucking another guy’s cock. The women could see what effect it was having on me which seemed to spur them on as well, they also turned to 69 next to me and Col. It must have looked a bizarre sight and something that I think they were thinking about and looking forward to.

Jo and Barb finished their pussy licking and then came over to part me and Col; Barb started to suck Col’s cock and Jo turned round to offer herself doggie style to me. I lowered myself to lick her cunt and arse for a few minutes before lining my cock up to her cunt. As I teased her pussy lips she took hold of me an guided the end of my cock to her bum hole. The thought of fucking her in the arse filled me with delight as I gently pushed my cock into her tight brown hole. She was panting and groaning and said ‘Fuck me, fuck my hole’.

I pumped away, reaching down and squeezing her boobs at the same time until I shot my load for the second time in less than thirty minutes. We collapsed on the floor and watched Col giving Barb the seeing to of her life. I moved over and fondled Col’s balls and cock as he fucked her; while I was doing this, Jo straddled Barb’s face for her to lick her cunt. Then the next ‘first’ happened. Col was ready to cum so he withdrew from Barb’s cunt and turned to me. I knew what he wanted me to do but I was a little apprehensive, still the moment took over and I accepted his large cock in my mouth. I sucked for less than a minute when I felt him tense. Suddenly, warm liquid filled my mouth and I very nearly panicked. However, I managed to swallow everything he shot into my mouth. Some of his cum dribbled down the side of my mouth and both women flew over to kiss and lick the cum off my face. Col sat back and looked totally content while the girls went on to lick my cock and balls clean. I remember thinking that my cock had been buried deep in Jo’s arse only a few minutes ago and here they were giving it a real seeing to.

We all relaxed after our debauched fun talking about how much we’d all enjoyed it and it would be nice to do it again. Col asked if I would like to take his cock up my arse. I wasn’t really sure how to answer, but Jo and Barb both said it’s something they’d love to see.

We are now four months further on; I have gone back to my wife but I still go to Col and Jo’s house regularly with Barb in attendance.

As for me taking Col’s cock up my arse and me fucking him, it’s now four months since he suggested it so that may well be another story……..