Written by Hippychick

4 May 2006

Firstly i have been married for 23 years im a 45 year old woman with 4 kids one still at home i love reading these stories and want to share with you some of my own

I have only been unfiathful to my husband a few times and only when we have been going through stress and had a fight

I find i love to get drunk and have sorded sex with complete strangers i dont go looking for them they always seem to know where i am

well the first time i had sex with a stranger was protected sex in a pub car park on a friends hen night i was only 24 the guy was about 54 been chatting me up all night long and i just thought what the hell will not do any harm just let him give me a quicky well it always stayed in my mind over the years i got more and more turned on by the fact i just let the slut inside me out

over the years up until last year i was faithful to hubby we had a very big row and i went to stay at a friends for the night on sheerness about 40 miles from home hubby had the sulks as he had to look after our son at home

well i got very very drunk and very very randy two guys showed intrest to both me and Ali so we took them back to hers we she took me as i said i was very drunk

i remember been up in the bed with one of the guys pounding away at me when i passed out when i woke up in the morning it was too my fanny been pounded again and im sure it was the mate of the guy i was with anyhow as soon as the shot his load into i may ad my very Unprotected fanny he up and went holding a pounding head and feeling a little bandy i went to make me a coffee and get a asprin Ali was in the kitching smirking and told me that both guys have just gone

she even told me there names and then informed me they have been swapping over all night long i did not remember all i knew i was sore full of spunk and my head hurt

10 mins later hubby arives with flowers gosh that was a close call and i also felt such a dirty slut but again i was so turnd on by it all

then a few months back i found this site and could not stop thinking of sex me and hubby this year have been having a very bad time he cant keep his cock hard in bed he lost his job and has moved in to the spare room

well i was getting very fed up with reading stories and fucking with a dildo i went and got shagged last saturday buy to very horny men from this site THANK YOU GUYS my first spit roasting my first anal all unprotected very messy very slutty very sexy will keep me going for a few months