Written by Michael S

28 Feb 2006

I had been away abroad on business for one week.On returning I was confronted by a very upset wife. I had been travelling since the day before and was knackered.But I could sense something was wrong with my wife.During the rest of the day,I was a little horny and suggested to went to bed early.We went to bed around 9.00pm but I fell asleep almost as my head hit the pillow.At around midnight my wife woke me up with her crying. She said she has done a terrible thing,and is so sorry!! What bloody hell have you done then? I`ve been unfaithful to you,with Marc the builder!! I was stung into silence. But strangerly was instantly turned on! I sat up in bed and insisted that she told me the full details.I said if I was to forgive you,I must know how and where he fucked you?

At first she was a little shocked that I wanted the full details,but I guess she was`nt in a position to dictate to me. She said that she was attracted to Marc from day one.Very soon they would talk openly on how they would like to fuck each other. She went onto explain how they fucked the first time...........

This is what she said to me......

" Marc arrived at our home early one morning to build a garage for us.He had some very tight jeans on and an old tee shirt. I was feeling horny just by looking at him,so I decided to have a shower to freshen up.Marc would often come into the kitchen to make his coffee.Today was no exception.I heard him making a noise with the kettle,so I quickly finished my shower and came into the kitchen with only a small towell around me.This towell just covered my breasts and pussy. When Marc saw me I could see his weapon expand in his already tight jeans. I said if I take off my towell will your cock split your jeans? I did take off my towell,there I was completely naked in front of a man who I had dreamt of fucking! We looked at each other and grabbed each other. We both franticlly undressed him.We were now both naked,with Marc`s 6 inch cock ready for action. He lifted me onto the table and instantly put his cock into my already wet cunt.We fucked for only a few seconds,he filling my cunt with his cum.Then he picked me up with his arms and took me to our bedroom ( the bed were in now ) By now my cunt was leaking his cum,but then he started to kiss my breasts,and fingered my wet cunt,Soon I was ready for his weapon again.He entered me,but owing to me being very wet with my juices and his cum,I could`nt hardly feel him in me!! He was fucking me for about 10 minutes and was not getting close to shouting his second load of cum into me.I then pushed him off me,got onto my hand and knees and told him to fuck another hole! I told him my husband likes to fuck me in my bum,and I am wanting your cock filling my arse. He told me that he has never fucked this way before,but I then placed his cock next to my bum and he then slowly eased his cock up me.Boy,he loved fucking my arse,he was shouting out loud how he wanted to fuck me all his life.I was loving it,but again he soon filled my bum with his cum.Now I had both of my holes filled with Marc`c cum. After a little rest he told me that he wanted to fuck me in every room of our house. Well he nearly did manage it,only the loo we did`nt fuck in!"

Whilst I was laid next to wife as she was confessing my own 8 inch cock was as hard as I ever known it to be! I was 100 % turned on. In fact I had cum my-self,without touching my cock. My wife,who was still upset,noticed that I had cum. She looked at me and said "This really does turn you on when I tell you how Marc fucked me?" I said you must tell me on the other fucks you had with Marc later,and also I want to know about all your other fucks before we met. We then had one of the best fucks of all time. This was in 1999,our sex life is now incredible.Thanks to Marc and her other lovers.