Written by paul_j

19 May 2006

The house was fairly ordinary in a small terrace of five on that first morning as I ambled up to the door, trying my hardest to look relaxed and inconspicuous, but my heart was it giving away, sending out a rapping drum beat for five miles in all directions. It was a relief to reach the obscured glass panelled door and press the plastic doorbell deliberately.

I waited and looked away to check my tracks and that I had not been followed by the postman, milkman, MI5 or a private investigator…..as if I would know. I looked back at the door and peered at the glass, catching a glimpse of a blurr approaching and then a hand coming into focus and reaching the door handle. I cleared Gibraltar from my throat and dragged a nervous smile from my churning stomach. The door swung aside and I was transfixed by the sight of a tall upright man smiling from ear to ear and eagerly saying “Hi come in, come in” with a swift gesture.

I looked at the step to avoid falling on my face and remembered to look up as I went into the warm and thickly carpeted hallway. “Hi” was all that I could manage, like a chat room novice. He was tall and bronzed. I smelt feint aftershave as he brushed passed me to invite me through, where I followed meekly and sat. “Tea/coffee?” he said abruptly, “no thanks”, I responded more as a reaction than a preference. He stood up and undid his trousers allowing them to fall to the floor, kicking them and a new pair of slippers off at the same time, just leaving his white socks and t shirt. I smiled as I saw the covered end of his knob swing invitingly from under his t shirt. Without realising I stared as it mesmerised me. He sidled towards me but I was sure that I did not want to go further in the living room with the curtains open, so I got up hastily and move towards the hall. He followed obediently and as I left an idea came to me…..the hallway, why not?

Turning quickly, I brushed my hand against the tip of his knob and said firmly “Sit down” and to my surprise he did so, gracefully sliding down the wall with knees bent and planting his feet on the opposite skirting board, leaving his knob kissing the floor, until that is, it began to twitch into life. “Horny” I shouted as I hurried into the living room for a cushion, I returned quickly and threw it between his legs. I dragged off my trousers, hopping towards him but managing to keep my balance, my boxers and shoes took no time at all and I settled between his legs with my back to the opposite wall. Our cocks would have nudged together on the floor had I not been as stiff as a board already, “Nice” he said as he shamelessly looked at it from all angles. The attention caused a pulse which drew my foreskin back a touch to reveal my tiny pink slit and little glob of pre-cum. He leant forward and breathed warm air onto me…his own cock stroking the side of mine as it left the ground rising upwards, swelling and exposing veins as it went, dragging a sack of pendulous bollocks behind it. We smiled at each other and then, as one, all four hands dived into the well of cock, ball and sack.

By luck I went for the top and he went for the bottom. I squeezed and pulled downwards so that the pink bells squashed together and their little mouths opened welcomingly. Gently and slowly I drew downwards to expose two darker rims. “Oh yea” he said, cupping and rolling our balls like bags of marbles. We pushed out from the walls forcing the roots of our stiff members together. My legs fitted neatly over the top of his so that our thighs were in constant contact. My sack was soft and warm with his palm cupping and rubbing it. My bum was moist as a stray finger slipped around my tight ring, sending a shudder through me and a twitch through my shaft. I now used two hands on the job to be done and gradually increased the tempo of revealing and hiding our bulbous ends in unison. First together up and down and then in opposite directions, I could see his eyes starting to roll and feel my own bag tighten ready for the inevitable eruption.

His pubes were trim and neatly sculpted around the base of his statue of liberty. His stomach was rolled to hide a small, tight little belly button. We swapped hands and I took on the wrinckled juice reservoirs, taking the opportunity to allow my finger to stray towards his hole, “oh wow” came the quiet response to a gentle superficial probe.

Suddenly we became aware of noises from the direction of the front door and turned. A blurr appeared as we stopped, unable to move. The letterbox rattled and in dropped a letter, the figure fading away as soon as he had appeared. The relief was palpable, but the loss of rigidity was quickly overcome as my tanned partner eased the grip of his right hand but tightened with his thumb and forefinger…..”Yea” was all I could manage as the expectation of being caught had added even more spice to the encounter. We pushed harder together as we both sensed that the earth was about to move.

Sweating and panting I leant forward grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him forward. The pumping accelerated and I could not hold back any longer…..I tensed, arched, heaved and shouted at the top of my voice………. “FUCK” accompanied by a fountain of white spunk squirting into the air towards our faces. It rose and hesitated in mid air, almost in slow motions only to accelerate downwards slashing onto us both. One convulsion was followed almost immediately by another, and another and another. I could just about see through my crumpled eyes that part 2 was arriving.

With explosive force he too yelled, “CHRIST” and sent a second fountain up. His was stronger and hit his nose on the first shot. The second third and fourth followed in quick succession as his hands squeezed and rubbed our knobs together, increasingly lubricated by the shower of cum, and with an incredible shot, a drip from his nose. We both hugged and sat quietly to eek out every last moment from the experience. Then we laughed…..”What a blinder of a shot” we agreed.