Written by Jadelight

2 Mar 2006

Jumping up quickly I raced downstairs grabbed my phone and said hello in a rather breathless voice. “Hey! What have you been up to? ” Jack asked. His voice was even sexier on the phone I thought, my heart missing beats. “Oh!” I giggled, “I was just out the bath and was going to call you back”. My face flushed as I thought of what I had just been up to and the thought of what he might say if I had been honest. “You’re breathless” he laughed. I giggled not quite sure what to say. “Have you thought about me at all since last week?” he asked. I didn’t know what to say, part of me wanted to say no not really but instead rather too quickly I said “Yes a lot”. “Good” he replied. “So what are your plans for tonight?” he asked. I told him I was just chilling after a hard week. “Would you like to do something night instead?” he asked. “Yes sure” I replied “What did you have in mind?” “You’ll see”, he replied, just wear something sexy, short skirt, stocking, heels etc and I’ll pick you up in an hour”. I put the phone down and ran back upstairs to get ready. My heart was jumping with excitement and some embarrassment at the thought of seeing him again. I floated around the room, my head buzzing and my heart racing. I blasted some music as I dressed. “Dress sexy” he had said. No one had ever asked me to do that before, especially someone I hardly knew. Still I was seriously excited and turned on at what he might have planned. I wore a short sleeveless dress, fitted so it made my breasts look bigger than they actually were and it made my neat ass look great. I wore dark stocking, no bra, black g-string and deep red high heeled shoes. I was pleased at my reflection in the mirror. I looked very sexy and still a little classy/ I hope he’s impressed I thought as I nervously downed the rest of the brandy I had and poured another. I began to feel more relaxed and warm inside and couldn’t wait till he came to pick me up. I lit a cigarette and sipped the brandy this time not wanting to be staggering before I had even left the house. I had no work tomorrow and was definitely in the mood to party. I was all dressed up, looking great and raring to go. I felt a combination of nerves and excitement that just seemed to take over me. Just as I had squashed everything into my tiny red handbag I heard a car horn outside. I jumped up to look out the window and saw him wave to me. Quickly I grabbed my bag, coat and keys and ran out to the car; I jumped in, my cheeks flushed and hot and embarrassingly said “Hi”. “You look great” he said eyeing me up and down in the passenger seat. “Just perfect for tonight” He told me about his day as we drove laughing and chatting away both glad it was the weekend. Still intrigued about where we were going, I was just about to ask when the he turned off the motorway onto a much quieter and more dimly lit road. He suddenly reached over and began running his hand up and down my leg. “Mmmmm, I like” he said. “I’m glad” I replied hardly able to speak, my cheeks hot and flushed as the blood raced through my veins, my heart beating faster. He drove in silence for a bit, his hand moving slowly up my body to my breasts. “No bra” he stated “Very nice”. My nipples hard and sensitive to his fingers sent pulses through my body to between my legs. I was a little embarrassed at his directness but I was so turned on and certainly didn’t want him to stop. The road became narrower and darker as we drove into the countryside. His hand still exploring my body made its way down to my short dress which when sitting barely reached the top of my stockings. His fingers slipped under my dress lightly caressing the top of my thighs, briefly touching my panties, sending quivers down my spine. My back arched and I moaned a little unable to hide my sexually aroused state. I was still a little embarrassed but unable to control the urges rushing through my body. “Take off your panties” he said. I was a bit surprised but did as he asked. I raised my butt off the seat and my dress slipped up as I reached to pull them down. He looked over and I hoped he still had one eye on the road. My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it in my ears, I felt the juices seeping fro my swollen pussy lips and my panties were already rather wet as went to remove them. I was embarrassed that he could see my very sexually aroused state, the sign of my readiness and eagerness to have him enter me. My shaved pussy lips parted as I slowly began removing my g-sting, his fingers immediately reached over, teasing them as they came into sight, making me even wetter as I bent over to remove them from my feet. “Now put your feet up on the dashboard” he said. Again I did as he asked, I placed both feet flat against the dashboard, my long slim legs bent up showing my stockings and sussies and bare shaved pussy. I could feel the juices dripping teasingly from my lips, swollen and parted widely now, desperate to feel him enter me. He pushed 2 fingers deep inside me making me gasp and moan aloud, my pussy squeezing his fingers tightly holding them deep inside me, my butt raised up and down on the leather seat in time to his fingers pumping in and out teasing and fingering my clit at the same time. My legs parted wider allowing him full and free access to my desperate aching pussy, he inserted 3 fingers and I could feel them fill me pushing hard against the walls inside my pussy finding the special places I never knew I had. I screamed aloud, my butt arched and my hand went down between my legs holding his hand pushing it deeper inside, I held it tightly as I rode his hand in total desperation to release my arousal, and as I almost reached the point of full orgasm he quickly withdrew his hand and calmly returned it to the steering wheel and continued driving. I was frustrated and embarrassed at the way I still lay there, legs parted widely begging him to continue. My heart raced and my head was spinning. “I want to finish this elsewhere tonight” he calmly stated. I couldn’t even answer, I was breathless, embarrassed, frustrated and desperately need to be fucked. He knew what he had done and it intrigued me as well as excited and embarrassed me. I tried to compose myself, pulling on my shoes not bothering with my panties. “Now are you ready for some real fun?” he suddenly asked as we turned off the road into what seemed to be a car park in the middle of nowhere. I tried to see outside but it was very dark. It looked as if there were a couple of cars dotted around but otherwise dark and secluded. He’s going to fuck me here I thought, desperate to feel him inside me again. I was so horny I ached; I could feel my soaking wet pussy lips swollen and hot, my heart raced as he pulled the car to a spot and parked. I tried to see outside but it was too dark. This is excellent I thought as he leaned over pushing the seats back. I reached over and undid his zip easing out his cock. It felt good in my hand, I leaned over taking it in my mouth, sucking gently, running the tip of my tongue up and down his cock teasing the tip, he moaned loudly and I could taste his juices seeping out, salty on my tongue. I sucked him more eagerly, my hand pumping gently as I sucked him deeply in my mouth. I felt him grow harder and bigger making me desperate to jump on it and ride him hard till we both came. He stopped me sucking and told me to climb in the back as he pulled me over the seats reaching up to put the car light on. I noticed it but didn’t pay much attention as all I could think about was being fucked. “Have you ever been dogging?” he asked as he kissed my neck and breasts, teasing my nipples, squeezing them, making my back arch and my legs part in desperation. “No” I replied eventually. Just then I opened my eyes and saw someone’s face at the window, I almost screamed when Jack whispered, “its okay, don’t worry just relax and enjoy, you’re totally safe with me”. His fingers found my clit teasing it running his fingers up and down my wet lips gently exploring inside, I thought about the face at the window but my mind raced instantly back to his fingers inside my pussy. “Get up on your hands and knees” he said as he opened the back doors. “Just relax and enjoy” he whispered as I felt his huge hard cock enter me from behind, just a little at first teasing, putting it in and out teasing my clit at the same time. I felt totally lost in my desire and need when suddenly I saw the person standing at the door in front of me, I couldn’t see his face only his trousers pulled down and his huge cock standing erect straight in front of my face. I didn’t know what to do. “Suck it and I’ll fuck you deep and hard” I heard Jack say. I thought for a few moments as his fingers teased my clit. He had pulled his cock out and I needed to feel it inside me again. I reached over and took the strangers hard cock in my mouth and began sucking him, gently at first then harder as I felt Jack once again enter me from behind. It felt so good, I was so turned on. Suddenly Jack withdrew again and the guy pulled his stiff cock from my mouth and disappeared at the same time as Jack appeared in front of me. He knelt down kissing me as he reached over undoing my dress from behind, pulling it down over my arms to reveal my naked breasts and hard erect nipples. He kissed me and teased my nipples gently squeezing them making electric pulses run through me to between my legs. I suddenly felt hands on my hips and fingers began to tease my clit and rub my wet parted lips, I felt them enter me, exploring me, teasing me as Jack teased my breasts and nipples. He fucked me deep and hard as my tongue searched out Jacks. I screamed loudly as i came, the guy from behind fucking me rapidly, Jack squeezing my nipples hard as I orgasmed out of control. The stranger fucked me hard as I felt him come deep inside me, I heard him groan loudly as he held me tightly by the hips and I felt his juices pouring out. A few minutes later I felt him pull out and leave, my ass still in the air my pussy and legs wide open still as his juices and mine mixed together and ran down the insides of my legs. I never saw his face at all and he just seemed to disappear as I tried to sit up and say something.

I sat there half naked, my dress still hanging off my shoulders and up to my waist, my bare ass on the leather seat. I couldn’t believe what had happened, thoughts raced through my mind. Jack sorted himself and reached in front for his cigarettes, lit one and passed it to me. I took it hoping it would focus my head in some way, try to stop my mind racing, I thought about the guy, who was he? What did he look like? Why did I go along? I had just had the best orgasm I have ever had and I had I let some stranger fuck me hard till I came. I was confused and tipsy from the brandy but my heart still pounded with the extreme pleasure, the excitement, the unknown, I had never had a night like this. My pussy soaking and swollen felt hot and sticky on th leather seat and stirrings of arousal still ran through me in little waves. We sat silent for a while then Jack asked “Are you okay”. “Yes” I answered “I think so”. “It’s quite an experience first time I know but it’s amazing and I know you’ll want to do it again, it’s an immense buzz” he replied. I thought about what he said, it certainly had been an experience, I wondered if I would ever do it again or if when I woke up with a clear head tomorrow I would regret what I had done. Right at this moment it didn’t matter. Jacks hand reached over to between my legs straight to my pussy. “Feels good doesn’t it” he said stroking it gently. It did feel good, so good I knew I wanted more. I parted my legs encouraging his fingers inside me as I reached over and undid his zip. We sat there, my hand on his cock, rubbing and teasing it, feeling it grow hard again in my hand, his fingers circling and teasing my clit sending shivers through my body, gently stroking my swollen pussy lips. It felt good, I was no longer embarrassed at his directness, and more welcomed it now. He was so different from any other guy I had been with; in fact he was different from anyone I had ever known. I couldn’t believe I was so turned on again after what I had just had. I slouched more on the seat so my ass hung just over the edge and my knees braced against the seat in front massaging and playing with his hard erect cock, as his fingers entered, explored and teased between my legs, his fingers soaked in my juices touched my ass hole occasionally sending tingles through my body. It felt good; I lifted my ass a little encouraging his fingers to touch my ass hole. His fingers began darting in and out my pussy teasingly rubbing my clit and teasing my asshole at the same time, his finger suddenly entered my asshole and I gasped and moaned. The feeling of his finger in my ass and his other fingers inside my pussy was amazing, I parted my legs wider not caring what I looked like, it felt incredible. He stopped and withdrew his hand asking me to turn around lie on the seat on my back, knees bent up and legs apart. I did as he asked desperate to be fucked again. He knelt in the doorway between my legs and began sucking and teasing my clit and pussy with his tongue, his fingers darting in and out my pussy and teasing my asshole lubricating it with the juices flowing from my pussy, his thumb entered my pussy at the same time his finger entered my ass, first one finger then another. I felt my ass stretch but it felt amazing, his fingers in both holes teasing and exploring I almost came when again he stopped and asked me to turn around on my hands and knees. His cock entered me from behind stretching and filling my pussy, he began fucking me hard and deep slowly at first. I felt his fingers enter my ass and I rocked back and forwards in rhythm to his deep strokes, his fingers fucking my ass at the same time. He withdrew his cock and fingers and slowly and gently inserted his cock in my ass. It felt strange and a little uncomfortable, my ass was stretched tight as his fingers teased and entered my pussy rubbing my clit as they darted in and out. I relaxed again and he began fucking my ass slowly then deeper and faster till I came and the orgasm took over my body, his cock fucking my ass and his fingers fucking my pussy sent me to heaven as he came at the same time. I felt his juices trickle out my asshole as he slowly withdrew his cock. Now I felt as if I had been well and truly fucked good and hard, my ass and pussy still pulsing occasionally recovering from an amazing orgasm. Jack suggested we both get sorted and head home. It was late and the air was cold although I hadn’t noticed till now. Part of me was totally exhausted but part of me didn’t want the night to end. We drove home in silence most of the way, relaxed and satisfied both deep in our own thoughts of the nights events. I didn’t want to say goodnight as he pulled to a stop outside my place. He leaned over and kissed me slowly and passionately, his hand went to between my legs as he gently rubbed my swollen wet pussy lips, his fingers entering me only once before he removed his hand and said goodnight, promising he would be in touch. I said goodnight as I got out the car and went inside. As I closed the front door behind me visions and thoughts raced through my mind. I wandered upstairs in a daze and ran a hot bubble bath before heading to bed and dreaming of the nights events.

I woke around 9am, I had slept like a log and woke feeling refreshed and in an incredibly good mood for early morning. My feet felt light as I wandered through to the bathroom to run a hot Radox bubble bath, my favourite way to start the day, usually because it woke my up leaving me feeling refreshed but today I felt more refreshed and alive than I had felt I in a long time.I lay soaking in the hot soothing water and my mind raced back to the night before and Jack.My hand reached down to between my legs, my pussy lipsfeeling a little tender as I gently stroked them. What a night it had been, I couldn’t believe I had let some stranger fuck me hard till I came and I hadn’t even seen his face. Did that make me a slut? , I didn’t know how I felt other than alive and absolutely fantastic. The buzz from the excitement and the unknown was too amazing for words to describe, my heart raced as I thought about getting in his car, him masturbating me as he drove, the silence only enhancing the situation, the lack of conversation allowing our minds the freedom to enjoy the experience, the moment. I thought about the anal sex, I had often wondered what it would feel like; I had wanted to try it but had been too afraid. Now I was so glad I had. It had been an incredible night and I wondered when or if I would see Jack again. Buzzing still with memories of sheer sexual pleasure and satisfaction I quickly jumped out the bath and threw on a comfy t-shirt and my favourite old denims, I loved dressing up in heels and stockings and sussies but I also enjoyed lounging around in my denims at the weekend. I scrambled some eggs and had some fresh orange for breakfast and thought about calling Lou. What was I going to tell her? I couldn’t tell her everything but I had to talk to her and tell her something of my night. She probably wouldn’t believe me if I told her everything anyways, she was so much more outgoing than I was, she was always telling me not to be so shy and reserved. She always slept till 12pm on a Saturday so I didn’t want to call just yet; instead I busied myself with chores to pass the time till I knew she would be awake. The time passed quickly and I called Lou, she was desperate to catch up on the gossip and was over at mine 30 mins later, and soon we were both perched on cushions on the living room floor, with glasses of wine and some chocolates. We chatted for hours, playing music and sharing our events of the past week and last night. “It sounded like quite a fantastic night you had” Lou laughed, knocking back her 3rd glass of wine. She began telling me of her exploits with Zach, the tall black guy she had met in the night club. She was just getting to the juicy bit when the phone rang. It was Jack, my heart leaped as I heard his sexy voice again; he asked how I was and what I was up to. I told him Lou and I were sharing some wine and choccies and some juicy gossip. I heard him giggle and decided to invite him over, I wanted him to get to know Lou and her him as I knew they would hit it off. He seemed pleased at my offer and said he would be over soon. Lou asked if I wanted her to leave but I didn’t and reassured her I wanted her to stay and get to know Jack, I knew she would like him. We were still sitting chatting and giggling and sipping wine as Jack arrived at the door. We sat all afternoon till early evening laughing and telling jokes and sharing stories, the stories becoming more explicit and detailed the more wine we drank. We had talked about going down to the local pub for drinks but we were all so comfortable and happy sitting where we were so I decided to order food from the local Indian restaurant and some more bottles of wine. It was fun as we sat drinking and eating, Lou and Jack got on like a house on fire and we were all flirting and telling our sexual exploits to each other, the conversation becoming more and more sexually explicit and I knew I was definitely becoming more and more aroused. My panties felt damp under my denims and I felt the familiar urges of desire run through my body exciting me more. We began playing strip poker for a laugh, we were all merry and getting wound up as we played cards and flirted. I was sitting in only my panties now as the game went on. My nipples tingling with arousal were hard and erect and I kept catching Jack staring over at them which only aroused me even more, I was desperate for him to reach over and start teasing them as he had done last night. We were sitting on cushions on the floor around the low coffee table; I sat opposite Lou and to the side of Jack. I couldn’t help but reach down and stroke my pussy occasionally, I was seriously aroused and enjoyed the look on Jacks face very time he noticed me doing it. Lou had just lost again and was now sitting in her panties as well, her breasts were fantastic, perfectly shaped with huge dark red nipples that stood hard and erect, I knew she was horny as well, her hand kept disappearing below the table and I knew Jack had noticed as well. We were now sitting in our panties and Jack in his White jersey boxers which clung tight to his body showing off his semi erect cock. I was desperate to just go over and sit on it, riding it hard till I came. I felt the juices seeping from my warm swollen pussy lips, the damp patch becoming more and more visible through the crotch of my panties. Jack had noticed and suddenly suggested upping the stakes in our game of poker, and decided than next person to lose had to give the other two oral sex. I agreed wanting to play anything sexual at that point and Lou seemed happy to agree so we played on. Lou lost again and we all laughed and giggled at what she had to do, I wondered if she was going to carry it through as she reached for her wine and gulped down the contents. She then moved over to Jack who was sitting, his back against the settee. He sat back relaxed and not in the slightest embarrassed as she slowly and teasingly pulled down his boxers showing off his hard stiff cock. I laughed surprised at how turned on I was becoming watching them. She took him in her mouth and began sucking and masturbating him till he got so hard and turned on he had to ask her to stop for a bit. I had been masturbating watching them, I was so horny and soaking wet. Jack lay back on the floor relaxing as Lou made her way over to me. She slowly took off my wet panties as I lay back on the floor, she pushed my legs apart revealing my parted swollen wet pussy. She began teasing me with her fingers, she teased my clit, gently sucking and flicking it with her tongue making it hard as the juices seeped out between my lips. I groaned as her fingers darted in and out my pussy, teasing my clit at the same time. I had never had sex with a woman before but this felt so good. My body spasmed with urges as she was bent down sucking my clit and teasing it with her tongue darting it in and out between my lips, I moaned loudly and wriggled on the floor as she brought me to orgasm while sucking hard on my clit and fucking my pussy with her fingers. I had so needed that, feeling the frustration ease and the satisfaction you only feel after orgasm. Jack sat up against the settee again his face showing his approval and pleasure of what he had observed. Poor Lou must have been so horny now so I suggested jacking that he be a gentleman and assist the poor woman, readily he agreed. He sat more upright as he asked her to mount his legs, her legs either side of his leaving her pussy wide and available for play. She masturbated his cock as he reached down between her legs fingering her pussy and teasing her clit, she was lost in pleasure as much as I was, lying there masturbating watching them pleasure each other. I watched in total fascination as he sucked and teased her breasts and nipples while fucking her with his fingers causing her to moan loudly as he brought her to orgasm, exploring her pussy with his fingers and sucking hard on her nipples. She looked happier as she moved off his knees and lay back on the floor just beside him. I was still lying masturbating when he called me over. I wanted fucked hard now, I wanted to feel his huge cock inside my pussy. He sat back. His huge erect cock standing proud between his legs, in desperation I mounted him feeling it fill and stretch my pussy. Lou lay watching beside him as I rode his cock hard and fast at first, trying to quench my needs a little before I came. He teased my clit and pussy with his fingers and at the same time his other hand reached over and began masturbating Lou. It instantly made me hornier watching him masturbate her as I rode his now solid cock, his fingers still teasing my clit. I heard her moan with pleasure as I looked over at her, he pushed his fingers deep inside her fucking her hard with his fingers as his thumb teased her clit. She clung tightly to his hand as she rode it harder more desperately. I fucked his cock harder in time with Lou fucking his fingers and almost simultaneously we all came the moans and groans of pleasure filling the room with the smell of sheer unadulterated sex. I sat there stride him for a bit his hand still inside Lou’s pussy as we all recovered.