Written by H

13 Nov 2004

Now that the nights are drawing in, I thought it was high time I made a visit to my favourite dogging spot, a wooded lay-by between Birmingham and Coventry which I'm sure a lot of you will be familiar with.

I arrived at around 6pm and it was already very dark. I left the car parked up and made my way into the woods. I didn't have to go far - the place was overrun with horny blokes looking for some fun. I watched one couple engaging in a blowjob for a while, then decided it was time to get a piece of the action for myself. I stood by a tree, lowered my trousers and started to play with my cock until it became very stiff indeed.

Before long, I had attracted the kind of attention I was looking for. An older guy came up and started to stroke my hard cock. He crouched down and started to suck me, gradually taking the full length of my cock until he was deep throating me down to my balls. Whilst I was enjoying this, I felt the hand of another guy, whom I hadn't noticed approaching, groping my arse. Before long he had worked his finger down my crack and was probing my arsehole. I bent over slightly and parted by legs to allow him easier access. He took the hint and slid two lubricated fingers into my bumhle up to the knuckle.

I groaned in delight, and this seemed to encourage the guy who was sucking on my meat, who began sucking harder and massaging my balls. I felt the guy behind me slipping in another finger, slowly sliding them in and out of my hole and massaging my prostate at the same time. I knew I wasn't far away from cumming, and when I felt him sliding four fingers into my mancunt, I was so horny I wanted to feel his entire fist inside me.

I ejaculated my hot cum right down the throat of the first guy who was sucking me, and he swallowed every drop. As I turned round, I could see the cock of the guy who was abusing my arse - it was absolutely fucking huge, and even though I had orgasmed, I knew that I must have this monster deep inside my arse.

I bent right over and pulled the cheeks of my arse wide apart. Both guys were wanking their cocks over me, and I took the big one and guided the tip to my hot bumhole. Before he could penetrate me, I felt the gush of hot spunk as both cocks erupted simultaneously, showering my arse with what seemed like gallons of hot spunk.

My only regret that night was that I didn't get to take some of that lovely hot cum up my arsehole. Still, there's always next time! If anyone fancies joining me, please feel free to email.