Written by Aileen-FemDom

18 Feb 2006

Although I do dominate and deny my husband his orgasm frequently Valentine's night was going to be a little different. For 2 weeks leading up to Valentine's night I kept telling him that would be the night of his next orgasm and the build up made him all the more frustrated and desperate.

On the night in question I was all prepared and waiting for him as he came home from work, as he entered the door I shouted down that he should go straight into the shower then join me in the bedroom. As he showered I was gently playing with my shaved pussy with my 'best friend' vibrator wearing nothing but knee high stiletto heeled leather boots. His eyes nearly popped out of his head.

I ordered him to lay on the bed and I literally sat on his face holding my pussy lips open I lowered myself onto his eager wet mouth and tongue and groundmy pussy and ass onto his chin, tongue and nose, my leather boots gently squeezing the side of his face. The position of strength I have in this position is overwhelming and as his tongue gently rimmed my sensitive ass and then my swollen aching clitoris my orgasm shot through my body like an electric current covering his face with my wetness.

I love sucking hard cock, and I am very good at it !!! Moving off his face I squeezed the sensitive tip of his cock and pushed it so that it was flat against his stomach, exposing for my pleasure his large, clean shaved balls. My wet tongue set to work on his already tightening sack, licking, sucking on them and slobbering on them until they glistened with moisture. His groans told me that what I was doing was having the desired effect and to rmind him who was in charge I squeezed the end of his cock a little firmer.

I instructed him to grab a hold behind his knees and to pull them up to his chest to expose his well used ass. I regularly play with his ass to massage and milk his prostrate and to fuck it with my strap on. This time my tongue gently flickered around the nerve tingling opening making him almost scream in pleasure as I lapped away at his orifice.

Several minutes later it was time to start on his now aching cock. My fingers gently rubbed his clear precum over the tip of his straining cock, but first his thick shaft needed some attention before his tip. Making him look directly at me in the eyes and with long slow wet licks my tongue got to work on him. My saliva making his cock wet and slippery. When it gets like this I love to masturbate him by hand a little and tell him to imagine that it is in my pussy. Already his orgasm was approaching so I stopped squeeed his cock hard until the sensations died away then I start all over again. Several times I had to top him from cumming by doing this.

Holding the base of his cockI positioned my mouth about 2 inches from the tip of his cock and let a long stream of saliva dribble onto it. I then greedily took his cock end into my mouth and with my tongue lapping up my saliva and running repeatedly over his helmet I knew his time was close but again whenever his orgasm was near I would stop and start all over again.

Eventually I asked him if he was ready to cum and he begged me to release him. Straddling his aching dick I told him that he could not orgasm inside me, but I was going to use his hard cock for my pleasure, and taking a hold of it I started to rub it along my enlarged labia, his precum mixing with my own juices. A couple of times he tried to push into me but I warned him if he tried again he would be punished and further denied his orgasm for a month, he soon got the message.

I was using his cock as a vibrator rubbing and teasing myself without letting him penetrate me. I puulled back the hood to my clitty and started to rub fast the tip of his cock over my tingling bud. As a searing orgasm started to sear through my body he yelped that he was coming and spurt after spurt of his hot goo splattered and covered my labia and clitty, but even after his orgasm subsided I stillcontinued to use his cock, knowing fine well it was now at its most sensitive I continued to use him until I came again.

After I had fully satisfied myself on him I again straddled his face, as he knows he must clean me with his tongue which he dutifully did with a lot of gusto swallowing all his own juices as well as mine.

Leaving him to recover I went into the shower to freshen up, his evening had just started but that is another story!!