Written by D and G

21 Oct 2005

G and I have been dogging for about a year now and progressed from a few car park meets to arranged meets very quickly, G being far happier to share a drink and a chat with prospective doggers first. From arranged meets we have moved on now and prefer people who can accommodate so that we can be watched in comfortable surroundings. Hotels or houses, we are not fussy!

I am a great fan of objects and get turned on using them. G is multi orgasmic and squirts, has a favourite dildo and gets horny on a regular basis!! She has great tits and fantastic nipples that get lovely and hard and stick out when she is turned on.

Recently she was chatting online to Pete, we had met him for a drink but not had the opportunity to ‘play’ as he was not a local and only visits our area occasionally. He told G about a game he had played with another couple using vegetables and sent her a few pics. Well you can guess, I was more than interested!

A few days later he told us that he would be in the area and we arranged a meet at his hotel. I sent him a text and suggested that he went shopping before we met. G was very horny that evening and after a quick drink in the bar we went to Pete’s room.

As usual I started to kiss G and caress her, she particularly likes her legs and thighs gently smoothed, then her pussy lips and then her clit lightly rubbed or licked. This brought her to her first orgasm. Next I got her favourite toy, a silicone dildo, not huge but definitely not small either. A small squirt of lub and a gentle push and it was all the way in. Pete was great, using our camera and making appreciative comments, just what turns G on. I fucked her slowly with the dildo, which is how she likes it, and before long she was writhing towards her next cum.

Now we started the 'game'. I blindfolded G and we tied both her hands to the headboard. Pete got the vegetables out and laid them on the bed. G was told that she would be fucked by each of them in turn. About half a dozen strokes. Then we would return to the first one and repeat, six strokes. This time she had to guess what the vegetable was. If she got it wrong then she would have a forfeit.

Pete was now actively involved, as we both felt as ease with him he had been invited to play with G's nipples while I fucked her with the dildo. Now he was to help me with the vegetables. First was the parsnip, a nice tapered shape with a few circular ribs along its length. It sure looked good disappearing up G's cunt. Next was the banana, not as thick but with a nice bend. Now the courgette, this is one of G's favourite. Pete had chosen just the shape and size that I normally choose, long, fat and with a slight bend. The bend causes the top side of the courgette to rub the g spot!! G started to moan now, and I think she guessed what this was even though this was just the warm up fuck! I was tempted to fuck her to another orgasm but kept to the planned six strokes. I asked Pete to take over now, first he fucked her with a cucumber, wow that looked good, long and also bent, pushed nearly half way in. G was really moaning now, I told her not to come yet. Next was the sweet corn. In my text I had specifically asked Pete to get one of these and he had chosen a great specimen, long with a good girth. I put a squirt of lub on it and he gently pushed the thin end into G's cunt, working it back and forth and twisting it at the same time. It looked fantastic! G said ' oh that feels good'. I said, don't cum yet! The last vegetable was a butternut squash, it looked a bit like a bell, solid and round, thin for part of its length tapering to a large fat end. G said 'oh that feels different' as Pete pushed it into her cunt.

Well after the 'practice' Pete and I then used each vegetable on her again. She got the banana wrong, the parsnip she thought was a carrot, the courgette was guessed, the butternut squash, she didn't have a clue but the sweet corn she got right. The cucumber was wrong to. Well the idea now was to make G do a forfeit. She was to suck each of us blindfolded and guess which cock she was sucking. You can guess that there are plenty of variations on this theme if you decide to play the game!! However, as she was so turned on Pete and I kept fucking her with the veg. I lost count how many times she came, certainly once with the courgette and a massive sqirt to. Several jets sprayed out, some almost missing the towel that was under her. I think at this point Pete was gobsmacked!! She came on the sweet corn to. As Pete fucked her I pushed another smaller dildo we have into her ass. When she is horny this really sends her over the edge and she had another massive orgasm. Now I got G to kneel up and I started to fuck her from behind, Pete was infront of her and I told her to suck him, in classic spit roast fashion. G loves this and groaned and slurped to another orgasm. Pete came in her mouth and a few strokes later I came in her cunt.

Wow what an evening, as I am sure you have guessed, a great time was had by all. Well done and thanx Pete!