Written by dave

14 Mar 2006

vicki had already had a couple of "experiences"since we got together and our sex life was amazing.Our fantasies were similar and one involved her pulling a guy on a night out with the girls.

she would go out every couple of weeks with the girls from work but apart from the odd mobile number from a guy nothing happened.

She always stayed at jo her friends place and i would collect her and jokingly ask if she had pulled.

one saturday i collected her as normal and she got in and smiled and told me she had been naughty.

my cock was rock hard as she told me what she had done.Thenight before the girls had gone out and vicki had a few bacardies and was chatted up by a guy called wayne.

As the others got thier coats vicki was outside with wayne when he led her down a small ally and kissed her.she responded and he stroked her bum.

vicki said she could feel his hard cock against her leg and could not resist sqeezing it and wayne moaned.vicki then said she had to go and wayne gave her his number.

i asked her if she wanted to call him and she just blushed but i knew she was horny and told her to call.

THE following day vicki was so hornyshe called wayne and they arranged to go for a drink at lunchtime and i watched her get dressed in her work suit and sexy undies with a smooth shaved pussy.

they met in a bar and it turned out wayne was 23 and very fit.after a drink wayne offerd vicki a lift back and his hand brushed her thigh and she stroked his and parted her thighs to let him feel her stockings he smiled and vicki sqeezed his cock under the table.

as they drove back vicki lifted her skirt and stroked herself while squeezing his cock and kissed him and arranged to meet this friday.

vicki has booked a hotel and wayne does not know