Written by Keith & Diane

21 Oct 2004

Having read a recent story about video fun this prompted me to write in about a experience we had some time ago. Di and myself often talked about videoing us when we were having sex but always finished up by agreeing that we needed someone else to film us to get it right.We had never met anyone else, and Di made it clear that she would be to embarressed to have someone else present.Over the weeks I looked through the ads in SH for video fun, and printed a few off that sounded genuine and for video filming only. When the time was right a mentioned this to Di and showed her the ads, At first she was not keen, but after some agreement that it would be for only videoing she agreed to met a guy called Kevin.I contacted him and arranged to met at our local for a drink and to see how we all got on. The evening came and we were both nervous when we set off for the pub.We soon noticed Kevin and chatted to him about everything over a few drinks. As the evening went on Kevin went off to the gents, I asked Di what she thought she replied that she was okay about him filming us and smiled when she said that he was "quite a good looker".When he returned we suggested that he come back to our house, he was very keen.Back home Di went up to the bedroom to change into something sexy,while she was upstairs Kevin asked me what could he do and could he touch Di. I said that I don't think she would let him, but we would see how things go.Soon Di called us up, she lay on the bed in her red basque, stockings & panties. Kevin set up the camera and started filming as I started to play with her 38D tits. Soon I had her panties off and got to work on her pussy, we fucked in every position for the camera. Finishing up with Di in doggy position I soon orgasmed, I pulled out and Di lay on the bed relaxing while I went off to the bathroom. After a few minutes I came back and to my suprise Kevin had stripped off down to his pants and was lying next to Di, he had his hands on her tits, while she was feeling his bulge. She said to me do you mind I replied no,she then said that they would be down in a few minutes.I left them lying there, after about an hour they both came down. When Kevin had left Di was very embarressed about what had happened, but I said that I had enjoyed the evening. She told me that it was fun playing with another man, and that she had only wanked him off, while he had finger fucked her.She wanted another video evening with Kevin soon, but maybe next time she might let him fuck her.