Written by Mike

20 May 2005

Around 15 years ago the wife had got to the 'too tired for sex' stage in life, and frankly being a randy bugger it got to the stage that I was fed up with pestering. That was when I met Maggie. We got on like a house on fire and she was in a similar situation, where her husband showed no affection for her.

It was almost three months of either chatting on the phone, popping for lunch and grabbing the odd night out before we booked a hotel room and spent the afternoon together. As a person she was great to be around, but when it came to sex she'd only ever used the missionary position and had never tried oral. And that's how it stayed - more's the pity.

Some time after my wife asked me why I had stopped being interested in her and I just came out with what had been happening. The balloon went up, but within a couple of days she'd moved back home and we sought marriage guidance and I told Maggie that we had to stop. I've got to say their suggestions for varying our sex life made a massive difference - nothing over the top, just playing out fantasies, using toys etc, and things were great.It got back to the way it was in time, and I resigned myself to a life of virtual celibacy - once again.

Just before Christmas I bumped into her when she was out with her husband, and after a quick hello I gave her a card with my number on, should she want to contact me.

The very next day I had a call and we arranged to go out for lunch. We chatted about things, what had happened and we discussed our present positions. She told me that she'd had no sex whatsoever since we last were together, and although I found that difficult to believe it was evident that she had become even more nervous about sex over time.

We discussed how things had come to an end and I told her the positive effect that going to marriage guidance had. She blushed and changed the subject, and before we left with a parting kiss she gave me her e-mail address so we could keep in touch.

We made contact straight away in an aol chatroom and the discussions very quickly moved onto sex. In the early stages she insisted that we used pet names for parts of our anatomy such as mr willy, which I found frustrating and very straight laced.

In a very short period of time she was telling me that she wanted me to push my big thick dirty fuck stick into her juicy wet cunt, and shortly we arranged to spend the whole day together in a local travelodge.

She was extremely nervous and told me that I had to be gentle with her......

We started to kiss while we stood up, and I pulled her buttocks towards me grinding my prick against her. I then reached up inside her jumper and undid her bra, freeing her fantastic 38G tits. Due to the fact that she had never had children they were still fairly firm - and for a 51 year old woman are extremely impressive. She then asked me to turn the lights off.

When I turned around she had dived into bed, apparently keen to avoid me seeing her naked. I undressed and got into bed alongside her, the leant over to kiss her and started to rub her pussy which was already wet. 'Make love to me now' she asked, and although I wanted to spend more time on foreplay it would have been rude to refuse!

I got between her legs, rubbed my cock over her pussy lips then started to slowly push in. When I had put around 2" she started to grimace, and I asked her if she was ok.

"Please just carry on" she begged and I could feel some resistance. It was obvious that it was even more painful so I asked her if she wanted me to stop - that was met with her telling me to carry on, and that it would be ok.

So I did - and after I'd got my 7" cock right inside her I slowly pulled out and started to fuck her slowly. Then out of nowhere she came! I carried on fucking her slowly, by which time she was starting to get really worked up.

"I love your cock - fuck me hard you bastard" she shouted, words that I'd only ever seen her type, but never said.

"If that's what you want bitch, then thats what you'll get"

" You can't fuck me enough today - I'm going to drain your big hairy balls dry"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and very shortly I felt my spunk rising just as she started to come again and I filled her with my come.

She got out of bed to go towards the bathroom and I put the bedside lamps on. There on the bedsheet was a small pool of blood, and when I looked down my cock and pubes were covered in blood. When she came out the bathroom having cleaned herself up she was upset, concerned about my reaction. She had already gone though the menopause so what could it be?

I went to clean myself up and when I returned she was sitting on the bed, and without a word she pulled me towards her and started to suck my cock, pull my balls and moaning like crazy. I was in seventh heaven and I then suggested that I lick her out. She was having none of it - "I've never tasted spunk before, and I want to".

Well, that sent me over the edge, and my cock spewed it's load right down her throat. She let my cock go, and licked all of the remaining spunk as well as her own juices from it.

It turned out that up until we'd started talking on the net she had shied away from sex on the net of any type. But now she's hooked.

During the rest of that day I fucked her in every position possible, and she particularly enjoyed me reaming her arse. We're now fucking at every possible opportunity - she loves dogging and we're actively looking for suitable partners to swing with - who knows, one might be my wife!

But that blood......it couldn't be her hymen, could it?