Written by Wizzard-man

30 Jan 2007

In May I posted part 1 of this story - search virgin flyers to read it. Here is part two. Better late than never.

After Sue and I parted at the airport, she was all I could think of. Her tight young bum and her wet pussy beckoned and I wanted to meet her again and complete what we'd started. I needed to fuck her.

We arranged to meet at a station just outside London and spend some time together. Spring was kind to us and the day was warm and we went for a drive. I badly wanted to find out how it felt to make love with a woman so different to anyone I'd been with before. Her dark skin looked amzing against my white hand, her lips felt large and soft and sucked me into her mouth. How would it feel with them around my swollen cock?

We drove through the lanes, to be honest I had no plan, but as I drove my hand rested once again on her lap and I slid my fingers up to her hot pussy. Her jeans were damp and warm and she slid down the seat to meet my fingers, then she lifted her bum up in the air, slid her jeans down around her thighs and guided my hand back between her legs. Her thong was warm and soaked in her juice.

I pulled it aside and slid a couple of fingers up into her, her flesh yielded and her lips parted, inviting me in further. I had to have her. We drove along a lane until I found an entrance to a field. Not much more than a widening of the lane and not exactly private, but it would have to do. The ground outside was cool and wet so the car would have to suffice. We climbed into the back and she slipped her jeans off, while I pulled mine down, then as she straddled my lap, she grabbed my hard 8 inces and guided it between her legs and lowered herself down on me. She was hot, wet and tight, and as I slid up into her heavenly cunt she let out a low warm groan. This was the most beautiful feeling, the first time I had been with a black woman, she felt different, exciting, her skin so smooth and tight, the contrast between her dark belly and my white cock was striking and intensified the sensation of adventure. she rose up and slid down for a while until I started to feel the need to take control.

I moved her over and lay her back onto the creamy leather seat and slid back between her legs. My cock entered her once again, but this time I was able to push into her hard, We ground our loins together, increasing the speed and force until I felt her tighten her strong legs around me and start to moan. I could hold on no longer and spilled my seed into her dark warm cunt as she let out a moan of ecstasy, we collapsed into each others arms, panting and flushed. God... what if someone were to come by now? there's be no disguising the steamy situation.

We dressed again and climbed around into the front, and at that moment a large 4WD came around the corner. Passing the car its occupant passed a look in my direction and drove on. If only she'd come by a few moments earlier!

There are many more adventures that have followed and I won't leave it so long before posting the next installment of Virgin Flyers. Keep looking!