Written by Angela

26 May 2005

Angela Derbyshire had visited the Erotica exhibition at

G-Mex in Manchester with her boyfriend and her husband on Saturday 2nd April.

During the day she had worn a tight fitting pair of black Lycra trousers with a see-through top (no bra).She enjoyed the many admiring glances that her more than ample breasts attracted and she was in a randy state by the time that she got back to her hotel in order to get herself ready for an evening meal in Chinatown and then a few drinks in various bars.

Her husband prepared himself first and then he left the room so that Angela and her boyfriend could get themselves ready. After a hot bath Angela’s boyfriend orally teased her to the verge of an orgasm, but then he stopped, saying that he wanted her in a very raunchy mood later on.

She wore a lovely new deep black suspender belt with six clasps and a pair of fully fashioned seamed black stockings that her boyfriend had bought for her and her 1/4 cup bra underneath a wrap-over dress.

During the meal at a superb Chinese restaurant the waiters ogled Angela and this excited her. She focused all of her attention on her boyfriend who was sitting by her side and she almost ignored her husband opposite.

After the meal they all went for a drink at a local pub and then they walked the short distance to Yates bar in the city centre. Angela suggested that her husband should now leave her alone with her boyfriend and they found a relatively secluded table to sit at.

Angela’s boyfriend could hardly keep his hands off her semi-exposed and very shapely body. He openly caressed the tops of her thighs, frequently sliding his hands up the hem of her dress to play with her suspenders. This resulted in the exposure not only of Angela’s stocking tops but also of several inches of the naked white flesh above them and it did not surprise Angela when she noticed that they had attracted an audience.

A young lad sat down on the spare seat at the other side of their table.He was young, handsome and very fit and Angela did not mind at all when he made no attempt to disguise the fact that he was watching her. The lad had a Mediterranean appearance, which excited Angela. She had enjoyed some erotic times with assertive Greek / Turkish men. A while later Angela’s boyfriend went to the loo and whilst he was away Angela looked over to the lad, who smiled at her, but he didn’t speak.

When her boyfriend returned from the loo he found that Angela had finished her drink so he went to the bar for some refills. This time the young lad leaned over and in very broken English he told Angela that he thought that she was very nice and he loved her sexy clothes.As the young lad spoke his eyes never left Angela’s breasts and then, when he had finished, he looked up at her face and he suggestively licked his lips. Angela smiled, but before she had a chance to speak her boyfriend returned with their drinks and the lad turned away from her.

Angela was now feeling very randy indeed. She kissed her boyfriend and she encouraged him to be even more daring as he played with her. His hands moved up her body and, as he began to play with her breasts on top of her thin dress, Angela looked across the table to the young lad who was eagerly watching the show that he was now being treated to.She smiled at him and he winked back at her. The lad then stood up,he stroked the bulge that had developed in his trousers,he nodded sharply to his right, in the direction of the toilets, and then he walked away.Angela mentioned that she needed to freshen up and she excused herself.

Her heart was racing as she began to climb the stairs to the toilets.The young lad was waiting for her at the top of the first flight of stairs. He guided her to a corner and he kissed her. As his tongue forced its way deep into her mouth his eager hands roamed up and down her body. The feel of the lad’s erect cock pressing into her belly excited Angela, especially because she knew he had got this way by just looking at her.The lad kissed and caressed her for a short while, but then he stopped.

Without saying a word he moved away, he took hold of Angela’s hand and he led her up the next flight of stairs, pausing outside the ladies toilet. He looked around for a brief moment and then he led Angela inside. He took her directly into a cubical and he closed the door behind them.

The lad put the lid down and he sat on it. Pulling the top of her dress open he exposed her large breasts and he gave each of them a firm squeeze. He then unfastened his jeans and he pushed them down to his knees.Taking hold of Angela’s head he pulled it down and he guided her mouth onto the tip of his rock hard cock. As she willingly sucked him off Angela heard people entering the loo and this added to her excitement.

When he was ready the lad pulled her head up. He took a ribbed durex from his trouser pocket and he rolled it onto his now throbbing cock. He then pulled open the tie on the side of Angela’s wrap-over dress and with his hands on the naked cheeks of her ass he pulled her forwards. Easing her panties to one side the lad guided the tip of his manhood to Angela’s pussy and with his strong hands on her hips he pulled her down. Even though she was aware that the toilet outside was now full of people Angela was unable to stop herself letting out an erotic cry of passion as this randy young lad, who she had only just met, began to fuck her.

The incredible excitement of the moment took over and placing her hands on the young lads shoulders Angela began to bounce up and down on his rock hard cock. Realising that he no longer had to hold her the lad leant back against the wall and he began to play with her breasts. Guiding them to his mouth he kissed, licked, sucked and then bit them.

Sinking his teeth into the soft flesh of her right orb he gave her a love bite and at the same time he began to spunk profusely into the durex. His hands returned to her hips, he pulled her down and he held her there as he shot jet after jet of his hot thick love juice deep into Angela’s belly.

Feeling the young lad’s cock throbbing and jerking deep inside her turned Angela on even more. She began to rock her hips back and forth, milking his balls of every last drop of the spunk they had created for her.She was now right on the verge of an orgasm, but that didn’t concern the lad, because, as soon as he had finished, he moved Angela off him,he dropped the durex into the toilet, pulled his trousers up and without even a word of thanks he opened the door and he was gone.

Closing the cubical door behind him it took Angela several minutes to regain her composure. As she waited for her heartbeat and breathing to return to normal she considered finishing herself off with her fingers, but she decided to leave that to her boyfriend later and after adjusting her clothes she flushed the loo and she went to rejoin him in the bar.

On the way down the stairs she bumped into her husband and she said ‘I’ve just been fucked by a young lad in the ladies loo’. The erotic power that she felt over him was incredible as she returned to her boyfriend.