22 Jan 2016

I had known Viv and her husband a little while having met them at several parties, and I really fancied Viv, we were dancing closely together one New Years Eve, we had both had a few drinks, when I plucked up the courage to ask Viv if she would come out with me, she refused saying she would like to but it was too risky.

But after that time there was always something special between up, we would exchanged loving glances whenever we meet, and we would regularly have a quick kiss whenever we could, I continued to ask Viv out but she always resisted, but gradually her refusal softened, going from too risky, I'll think about it, maybe, I'll let you know. When I asked her again and much to my surprise she agreed to meet me for lunch one day, but she was very nervous about getting caught, so we agreed to meet the following Friday for lunch somewhere out of the way.

Friday finally came round and we met at the agreed place and then drove to a pub in the next town, we had a nice snog and I felt her tits in the car park, it sure was nice to have a kiss without having to look over ones shoulder to make sure nobody was watching. We then had a nice lunch and afterwards we went back to the car and had another nice snog and then set off the shop. Once around the shops we held hands in a very loving and tender way, we were both flirting like mad with each other, making suggestive remarks and making plenty of provocative eye contact, and exchanging loving pecks, when Viv suddenly gave me a beautiful passionate lingering kiss right in the town centre for all to see, it was lovely the way she so openly showed her affection for me and I sure did enjoy it.

We went into several shops and Viv tried on a few dresses, I never expected her to be in and out of her clothes so many times on our first date, she did purchased a nice black skirt, but she would not allow me to buy it for her, but I will have the pleasure of knowing that she was with me when she purchased it, when I see her wearing it. We finished looking around the shops and made our way back to the car as time was getting on a bit, back at the car we had another passionate kiss before setting out on our return journey, on the way back I held Viv's hand and caressed her leg and before long she started to caress my leg, she said she should not be encouraging me, but she did not stop. I was now sure that Viv has similar feeling for me that I have for her.

As luck would have it I met up with Viv and her husband the next day round some friends, I was pleased to see that Viv was wearing the skirt she had brought when we had gone shopping, she had mixed it with a very sexy silver and black top that showed plenty of her beautiful breasts. During the evening I went out to the kitchen to get another beer and much to my surprise Viv followed me out and came straight up to me to give me a lovely kiss, she did not want just a quick peck, she wanted to give me a long loving kiss. Later I was sitting next to Viv on the settee and I felt her hand running up and down my back in a very loving way, it was very exciting to feel her caressing me in this way and I really enjoyed the sensation. I whispered to her that she was wearing a lovely skirt, and inquired where she brought it, she just gave me a knowing look. We arranged to meet Wednesday evening.

We met at restaurant in the next town and had a nice romantic meal and a couple of bottles of wine, with plenty of touching and flirting, I even told her "I Loved Her", "Needed her" and "Wanted to give her one" And she told me that she was really taken aback and did not know what to say, and then she responded that she might just let me do it.

Phoned her the next day and asked if she really meant what she had said the night before, she replied just book a room and see. I immediately booked a hotel room for the following Friday and phoned Viv back and told her the arrangement and she said fine.

Could not wait for Friday to come, we met up for lunch and then made our way to the hotel, we booked in and checked out the room, we enjoyed the bottle of Champaign I had brought along intermixed with some passionate kissing, as we kissed I unzipped Viv's dress and let it drop to the floor she was wearing a sheer black bra a matching thong, I was gob smacked at the very sexy sight in front of me, she put her arms round my neck and said, "well do you like what you see, or is that a silly question , my hands were all over her tits and down her knickers feeling her very wet pussy, I could feel her shaking as we kissed. right lets see what you are going to be fucking me with" with that she released my cock and said, "MMMMMMM I'm going to like this she said, we fell on the bed and were kissing and caressing each other, I soon mounted her I got between her legs and started to eat her shaved pussy I could smell her scent now, but she pulled me up and said, "NO FUCK ME!" with that she took hold of my cock and guided it in to her willing pussy, I felt the head of my cock slip between her pussy lips then slowly entered her, "OH yesss!" she said I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and rammed it in deeper, " yes, yes, don't stop, please don't stop!!! I was surprised by Viv, I always imagined her to be passive, but after a short while of fucking her, she told me to turn over, this I did and she then proceeded to mount me and with that she slipped her pussy on to the tip of my cock and slid down the length of it and rode me, god she was so wet I took hold of her tits and played with the nipples, she started to moan and soon brought us both to a climax.

We collapsed in each other arms, after a short rest I started to play with her beautiful tits again and to kiss her wet lips, then to finger her and run my fingers through hair and nibbling round neck and ears which all seem to work, as well as gentle caressing of breasts. She started to look real flushed with all the attention that I paid to her body. She begged me to Fuck her again but this time roughly, which I did and she again climaxed and said that was the best sex she had ever had.

I must admit I was a bit surprised that Viv could be so brazen, but she has proved to be the best lover I have ever had.

Little does her husband know we have been lovers now for twelve years meeting up every three to four weeks, which means that I have now fucked his wife over two hundred times, mostly at hotels but we have also enjoyed each other in many different places, and since she said her husband can no longer perform in bed she does not want our relationship to ever end.