Written by Graham

24 Mar 2005

I was at apraty some time ago when I noticed a tall attractive blonde giving me the eye. As I was alone I decided to go and chat her up.

She was a teacher at a local comp and had been invited to the party to make some friends but the only one she fancied was me.She told me she hadn't had sex since she moved into the area 6 months ago and was really ready for it.We decided to go and find some privacy and explore eachother's bodies.

The only place we could find was the tool sshed in the garden all the rooms etc were occupied by people making the same exploration we wished. I cleared enough space to lie down in and unrooled an old rug on the floor.

We lay down side by side and I began to explore her body through her clothes. She had firm tits and firm thighs.

I began to unbutton her blouse(24 buttons!!) and unclasped her front loading bra. Her firm but rather pointed tits looked delicious and I started to lick her nipples. They soon stood up and she began to groan. I slid my hand down her stomach and lifted her short skirt her panties were moist.

Sliding the elastic to one side I rubbed my finger along her slit. She groaned shuddered and came immediately. I withdrew my finger and licked them enjoying her honey flavour juice.

By now she had found my cock and was slowly peeling it back and forth in her long fingers. I was close to coming and said so. She stopped rolled me onto my back and produced a condom from her pocket. She gently rolled it over my rampant shaft and climbed aboard her self.

She began to ride me using long slow srokes with a muscle clench at each end. To stop me coming she clamped my balls in her hand. Gradually she got faster and faster. She made grunting noises with each stroke.She let my balls go and I shot myload wastefully into the condom.

She rolled off me shaking with the remains of her massve orgasm. I couls see her juices soaking into her panties.

SHe took my dick in her hand and began stroking , soon it was responding so she took me in her mouth and gave me deep throat until I shot my load into her.

We decided we should return to the party ut we would do it again as soon as we could and next time I needn't use a condom.

I realise I didn't know her name so she gave me a card with her name and phone number on it. 'My friends call me Viv,'she said and left the party.

We had several good months of fuckking afterthis but sadly she took a teaching post elsewhere and we lost contact.