Written by Dave and Ginny

10 Sep 2004

A fantasy came true big style last weekend while Mandy and I were in a hotel. After a lovely play and meal there I was laid back on the bed and Mandy, holdup stockings an all was lowering herself onto me. Call it drink but I let slip "I wish this was someone else under you". Looking at me aghast she suddenly jumped off - "don't tell me I've been gagging to be shagged by a stranger all our marriage and now you tell me!"

After a quick discussion about our mutual (undisclosed) fantasy and, looking at the clock (11pm) we decided to strike while the iron was hot and find a nightclub. Mandy slipped some black French knickers over her stockinged legs and ended up in a very short skirt and looked like sex on legs.

Heart pounding we found a club not far from the hotel and entered separately. The plan was for her to go to the bar and I would act as a lookout in case of problems.

Well, the only problem was the amount of attention she got! She could have ended up with any of 10-15 lads who showed an interest in my gorgeous 37 years old, 38c-26-36 wife!

Eventually she left with two good looking lads in the early twenties and disappeared off into the darkness. Soon afterwards I returned to the hotel and starting relieving my frustration - which didn't take long!

Imagine my delight when, about half hour later my mobile rang showing Mandy's number and a male at the other end say 'Hey mate, your missus is sucking my mate off and boy, is she good!'

In sheer lust I said to him 'give her the night of her life mate, #### her as many times as possible' He didn't disagree!

I finally managed to fall asleep about 5 am and only woke when into the room entered a very very satisfied looking wife! It was, by now, 1pm and she had a smile as wide as a barge. Stripping off I noted her bra and knickers were absent and she was covered in bites. But the best part was when she described how, when she got to their flat she discovered there were 4 lads living there! She immediately went down on one and within minutes of their call to me she was in the middle of a roasting. During the course of the night she was ###### about 10 times!

The result of this wonderful experience is that my hitherto devoted and prim wife has turned into a wanton ####!

We've had non stop sex since we got home and she has stated she wants to have as many men as possible and next year plans to be ###### by at least 100 - averaging 2 a week!

I have no doubt that parties are on the cards so watch this space!