Written by beachgirl

4 Apr 2006

I had decided to enjoy my vacation on a location by the beach up north. I was short on money, so I arranged to meet my colleagues on the next town 2 hours distant on foot. I just decided to walk, because to rent a horse or a buggy would be very expensive and best of all I would enjoy the scene and exercise and tan at the same time. The night before I went out to eat and ended up meeting some guys from the south. One of them was walking the whole country coast on vacation. Then, we made an appointment: why don't we walk together? Early in the morning, there I was in my short bikini and my backpack, ready to go. We had breakfast and set off slowly by the beach, touching the ocean with our feet. The first half hour was ok. We had a nice chat but sometimes I noticed, he would slow down on purpose, just to check out my rear in that small bikini. I know I have a beautiful round but. That got me a bit excited but also scared. Actually, I had never met that guy before. Could it be dangerous? He tried to talk me into diving a few times, I refused. He kept on insisting and saying compliments to me about my curves. I didn't know what to do but he was so handsome too... The beach was deserted, we could only a few fishermen on the dunes but distant. Half the way my feet were getting sore and I wanted to rest. We sat down on the sand. He sat close to me and started stroking my leg. The sand was soon all over my skin and I accepted to go into the warm water. He didn't waste time and started to kiss me. I gave in under that sunny sky, in the middle of that warm water with no one close by...I thought why not? That would be a unique experience. He understood I was wet but not because of the water. He got closer and hug me tight. I could feel his hard on underneath the bathing suit. He kept kissing me passionly and I could not wait any longer. I grabbed his cock and helped him slide it inside my cunt. The ocean was calm and warm, the water by our waist, our intimacy was hidden but it was obvious what we were doing under water. He got more and more excited and we both enjoyed every moment of extasy until we climaxed. How sexy he was. We were finally going back to the shore when I could see two fishermen far away. They hd seen everything and apparently were amazed and delighted. I started to run while my partner ran after me. We both ran about a minute or two laughing our hearts from the surprise and the delicious time. Oh.. what a vacation...