Written by C and K

13 Oct 2006

Helen and I have always had a very good sex life and have always tried to fulfil each others fantasies. One in particular was fulfilled just a few weeks ago.

We had been out clubbing & on the way home my work mate Luke walked with me as Helen walked on a little ahead of us.

When we were nearly at our door step, Helen turned around and told me to hurry up as she wanted to shag when we got in.

I told her that it would have to wait as I’ve invited Luke in for a few beers. “We’ll you had both better fuck me then“, She replied.

With that she pulled her top up to flash us her tits.

Well, after a few seconds of shock I agreed as long as Luke didn’t mind. We went in and headed straight for the bedroom. Helen stripped off and sat on the edge of the bed, she told us to take off our trousers, because she wanted to suck us both off. We both stripped and offered her our cocks. She took us in each hand and started to wank and suck us off.

She took it in turns to pleasure us as I reached forward and started to tweak on her nipples. I could tell that Luke was also enjoying the blowjob he was getting, so I left them both at it while I went and got the camera to take a few little snap shots of Helen being a dirty slut.

When I came back in the room Helen was lying back on the bed with Luke on top of her, slowly pumping away in her pussy. This was such a turn on, it was more hornier than I had imagined. As I started to click away, Helen really started moving around and telling Luke to fuck her harder, and fill her with his cum.

It only lasted a few more minutes, Helen screamed the place down when she orgasmed, just as Luke shuddered and groaned as he filled her with his cum.

Helen laid there on the bed for a while with Luke’s cum dribbling out of her. She scooped some up and licked it off her fingers.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. My Fiancée had just shagged my best mate in front of me and I had the biggest hard on possible. We all fell asleep and in the morning Luke and I shagged Helen again before he left.

We now want to have some fun with a female, so if you like the look of the pictures and want to join us, please get in contact for some more dirty fun.

C & K

(Names are changed in the story)