Written by veronica

28 Feb 2005

this saturday night i was at a local pub with a few friends from work since christmas we make a point of every other saturday popping into a pub near work when we finish our shift about 9 ish well 5 double vodka and cokes in two hours made me a more than a little tipsy and flirty but i decided to make my way home to hubby who was baby sitting our kids

so making my excusses to all i left the pub only a twenty min walk but in the cold made me wish i had not put on such a short skirt and hold ups as a chilly wind was blowing around my fanny

two mins down the road and i was aware that two guys where talking behind me and not only that but it was about me

i kept walking but at a slower pace hopping they would pass me by but they started telling me how sexy i looked

both guys in there twenties and had been in the pub one of many i had been flirty with

me been 40 and a mum of four with two at home what could i do but with the power of vodka on my side i flirted back again it was a turn on and so close to home had me wet

well as we got to some shops at the end of my road i stoped and told them i was going up this road home

one then said he wanted me to invite them back

i said i could not as hubby was there so the cutest one asked me for a kiss

i said ok but i made him come and kiss me good night in the ally way beside the shops

well my back against the wall his toung in my mouth i could feel his hard cock pressing against me gosh it was trying to burts free he stoped kissing and sat on a dustbing and began to open his flies i was quick to help him out and as this was happening his mate was behind me feeling with his had up my skirt my now very wet fanny

god it felt good i started to suck the cock as my knickers where been removed then i was nearly reaching my first climax as his mate was up inside me with my knickers off skirt pulled over my hips there i was been spit roasted up an ally only 200 yards from my hubby at home watching TV god what a dirty slut i felt

the guy in me soon shot his cum deep with in me and just pulled out his cute mate no wanted to fuck me so over the bin i bent and his hard cock was up me god it was big even with the pounding his mate gave my fanny i could feel every thrust he was starting to grunt then it seemed as if he would not stop cumming spert affter spert againg when finished with out a word he just pulled out his cock

i was in the dark with very shacky legs and pulling up my knickers by the time i was out off the ally they where no where in sight wow i thought god im a slut so home i went to a sleeping fat hubby asleep on the sofa so it was bath then bed for me and a lovely erotic dream of been fucked by two strangers

thanks guys who ever you where im back in the pub saturday XXXXXXXXXXX