Written by Ash

28 Jun 2004

Well, where do I start? Yesterday I was walking the dog early in the morning, I'd got fed up of walking her round the same old routes and thought I'd go somewhere new. I live in a pretty village in the mountains and lots of people come to visit.

I was walking through a field I know and there were a few tents scattered through it. I could see the dogs ears pricking up, and thought I could here children playing, though it was a bit early.

As I went down the field to the stile at the other end, I could definitely start to make out a womans voice and she was definitely cumming hard! It became clear this woman was in the tent at the end of the field by the stile. The door to the tent was facing away from me though. I got to the stile and just glanced at the tent, the door was wide open and there was a woman buck naked being taken doggy style in the entrance of the tent. Now to begin with I felt really awkward. I'm no confident stud that would just walk up and slap my dick between her lips. But she smiled, I smiled back and crossed the stile and looked back.

Again she smiled and I was definitely getting a bulge in my shorts, I was definitely feeling hot looking at this woman being taken by someone behind her. She beckoned me over, I tied the dog to the stile and went over.

Very casually she asked "Can I suck you off?"

What could I say, I just let my dick out and watch her start to gobble it, all the time the bloke the other end was fucking her harder and harder. I had always dreamed of a threesome and this was great. It didn't take me long before I unloaded in her mouth and she greedily gobbled it down. "thanks" she said smiling, "have a nice walk"

With that I zipped up, and walked off.

Jeez I like that new route!!