Written by Jason

5 Nov 2005

Spending beach time on one of the few nice days we had on holiday near Aberdovey in Wales this summer was promising to be the usual eat and doze sessions my wife and I 'enjoy'-she has never taken her top off to sunbathe, and my early attempts to do so in the nude caused upsets. So after the statutory laze and cup of flask coffee, I wandered off along the beach, cutting up into the large dunes as soon as I was out of sight. Such expeditions have been rewarding in the past, as you lucky folk get up to all sorts of sexy capers! Noticing two people all but hidden in the grassy dunes, I started my voyeur sequence: Getting closer, and having seen them caressing, I then realised that it was one guy slowly wanking another. He was laying on his back, gently fingering the arse of the bigger man working the length of his modest cock; my own trunks had long since come off, and I was soon as hard as the first man. At this point the second guy half-turned to suck the hard prick he had been wanking, and I got first glimpse of a long thin cock barely stirred. The first man started rubbing him, but the long cock showed no sign of hardening. At this point my presence became obvious to both men: After a few seconds of mumbled apologies and 'what a brilliant sight' I was invited to join in. My interest was in the floppy cock of the big man and I knelt into his groin in an attempt to suck jhim into life. Barely had I started than the other man pushed his hard cock up against my bum - bone dry, he had to administer a lot of sliva before he could even penetrate the outer defences, but persist he did, and was after a few strokes well up my arse. I think a combination of this sight and my sucking got Mr. Big quite hard: Pulling away from my mouth he took position behind his partner and slowly eased the whole of his long, thin tool in between the tight cheeks. I then felt my guy cum inside me, followed by at least a minute's noisy fucking before he finally pulled out his softening shiny head. Being something of a gentleman he then motioned to me to kneel in front of me while he gave me a brilliant blow-job, my cum spraying over his shoulders, hair and face. At almost the same time, the other man puled out and deposited a modest dribble of cum over his mate's arse cheeks - and that, to all intents and purposes, was that. We cleaned up the various dribletts of spunk, and I left to wander back to the missus. Yes, there she was, still fully clothed reading a magazine. I had to stifle a grin when she asked 'Anything interesting, Dear...?'