Written by Peter and Carol

21 Nov 2004

As we are really into fantasy sex scenes, my wife and I decided to advertise for a bi male body slave. The idea of inviting another male to visit our home to watch and assist us seemed like a real turn on. We decided that we would prefer and older male as we thought that older men would be more into the scene. Not long after placing the advertisement we started to get lots of replies, but eventually found one person who seemed to understand what we were into. We decided to invite him to visit us one evening and while we were waiting for him to arrive we both got very horny talking about what might happen. When he eventually turned up we all sat down with a drink and we explained what we were looking for. We told him that he would be required to slowly strip and fondle us both until we were both naked and very randy. We also insisted that he would have to suck and lick us both, but making sure that we did not cum to quickly. My wife and I are both very easily aroused and can both cum very quickly if not handled carefully. Our slave was also told that when we were both ready to fuck each other, he would be required to assist and guide my cock gently in and out of my wife's excited pussy making sure that we were both kept on the very edge of cumming. When we could not resist each other any longer he would be required to continue arousing us as we fucked until we both exploded. We did not expect that we would all have such a sexy encounter, but in the event it was fantastic. After our drinks we took our slave up to our bedroom and both stood fondling and kissing each other as he slowly stripped us both. I got a huge erection when knelt down between us and slid his mouth over my cock. I could also hear and feel my wife moaning and twitching as his tongue gently flicked over her clitty. We were both very near to cumming with sheer excitement, but our slave knew exactly when to slow down and stop us from going over the top. He asked us to both lie on the bed side by side and continued giving us lots of sucking and licking, but swopping between us both so that we did not cum to soon.

Eventually we did get so randy that we just had to fuck.

My wife decided she wanted to sit astride me and our slave assisted us by first lubricating my cock with some warm oil and then guided my throbbing cock into her excited pussy. We were both so randy that we began to cum almost immediately. Our slave enjoyed watching and assisting us until we were both finished.