Written by brad

10 Jan 2007

I was 22 been though alot with losing my wife and unborn son to find out later he was not mine to meeting a my 3rd girlfriend who opened my eyes and she really has.

when we first started to get to know each other she told me about her sister havin a 3 some with two black guys in a pack house.

the way she told me it sounded like a real porn film they both took her at the same time and cum alot in every hole

i was sort of in two mindeds about the hole thing on one hand i did not think alot for her but on the other hand i could she why it was sexy for her.

my girlfriend then told me about her friend she had they use to play together this is where i first found myself in a 3 some the weired thing about it was we moved to devon to live with my 2nd ex of 4 days i said to my girlfriend dont you think it be mad livin with her but like she told me she is my ex so we went.

there we was and there they was hitting it off drinkin wine and talking about going with girls now my ex was full on bi and now i was finding all this out.

there they where giggles and looks my girlfriend said would i like a 3 some and me being me i said it will split us up she said it wont as its just as much for her as it would be for me also it would bring us closer so horny things she said after long chats and making sure my ex did not think i would leave my girl for her it happend.

i followed my girlfriend into my exs bed room it was so dark we got on the bed my babe in the middle she had her back to me and was kissin my ex touching each other at first i felt left out i started to touch my girl she pushes me away i felt not good silly things going though my head but before i could think anything else she pulled me in and i was in the middle they both touching me all over then they both went down on me both sucking me so dark i did not know who was doing what my cock was being sucked and so to where my balls my head was spining out i jumped out of the bed and said can we have a little light with that she opened the curtins now i could se there slim sexy bodies they both took turns on me and my girl then said i want to suck her cum off your cock well by then i was so horny everything she said was so sexy and full on have my cock sucked while inside my ex it was unreal we all had a bit of each other and for the first time i see what a girl can do to another with just her toung and fingers screems they cum together it was so wet i came twice after we had a smoke we both went to our room leaving my ex our new friend in her bed to sleep while we had some more she was so turned on by it all i could not belive it and when i woke in the morning i felt so bad i then asked my girlfriend does this mean you want to have sex with a guy before she said a word i said if you do i dont mind but i would not want to be there i did mind but felt i had no right saying its ok for me to have this fun and not her when she replyed no thanks its more inturnal for a girl plus she had her fun to i was not scared

that was our first 3 some and may more to follow in the years