Written by outdoors

2 Jul 2006

Hi i have read stories on here for a while now but never added one, but last nite somehting happened that i want to ttell u about, it wasnt out of this world but it was fun,

i went out with some friends to a village club, was hot a lot of people and not very exciting it finished at midnight, we wnet back to my friends, had a caht and then i decided id go home, when i was in the car, i thought i dont want to go home so went to the local dooging site, i was approched by a guy, he sounded gay and asked what i was looking for, i said just here to c what ahppens, he did sound a bit gay, we had a chat then he left.

Nothing was happening so i decided to go to the loacal city, and have a drive about, i was there about 15 mins when i was just leaving to go home, i saw this girl walking on her own, she waved at me, i dont know why but i decided to pull over and chat to her, i asked if she wanteda lift, she said ok and got in, she then asked if i had any smokes, i said i ahve some at my house,so we went to my place to get them, she was about 40 slim, not bad looking but not 40 looking, i thought my luck was in,we got to mine and went in, she asked if she could use the loo i said yes, when i walked past the loo she hadnt shut the door, so i looked in at her sat on the loo, i stoped and asked her if she wanted a drink which she said yes coffee, all the time she was sat the jeans and nick round her ankels, it was turning me on watching her pee.

anyway she finished and i made the drinks, we went in to my bedroom and sat on the bed chatting, and drinking, as it was hot i asked her if she minded me putting my shorts on she said no, so in front of her i dropped my jeans i wasnt wearing boxer, and cought her looking at my semi hard cock,

i then led on the bed next to her, i dont know why but i put my hand down my shorts and started to play with my cock, she kept looking at me, she then said to me we should go, so i said ill put my jeans on and take her home, i removed my shorts and my hard cock was on show, she kept looking at it, and i dont know why but i started to wank my self, she said she was used to looking and naked me as she worked with old people, andyway my cock was rock hard, i asked her to touch it but she said no, but she wouldnt stop looking at me wanking, i stood up in front of her and carried on wanking myself, it was turning me on wanking in front of a total stranger, i asked her if she liked my cock and shaved balls, she just said it doesnt bother her, so i led down and said do iu mind if i make myself come, she said no carry on, so thats what i did i wankend my self in front of her, i rso hard, and i didnt last long at all, about 2 mins, i came evrywhere and loads, it felt so strange and diffrent come to normal, i then cleaned up got dressed and took her home.

i know its not the most exciting story but it is 100% true, she only brushed my cock with her hand once, and that was the only contact between us but was so horny just to wank in front of someone i didnt know.

i hope u enjoyed it and wasnty to boring for you. cant wait till something else happens as im going out next weekend again to c if i cant meet someone else.