Written by Satisfied man

27 Feb 2006

A true Story

" What shall we do" J said, "He's as Drunk as a Shunk and on his own, we can't leave him here, he'll be mugged or worse"

"Leave him be" i said "His mates will find him"..

With that J walked over to him, and said something in his ear. He looked up in a total drunken stuper, slowly getting to his feet.

"He's coming back to the Hotel with us" she said

No Fuck for me tonight, i thought...

Back to the Hotel, a trip which would only take 10mins took over 30 as he staggered down the pathway and across roads. In the lift, J eyed me coldly " I feel sorry for him" she said "just help me "

I helped him, dragging him into our Room, where he fell onto the Bed, snoring.

"Get me a drink" J said "I deserve it after my good deed"

I poured her a large red, which she knocked back "And another please"..2 more glasses followed. " i want to dance"

"Where" i said "What about him", i looked at the Bedroom,

"I'll Dance here" she said, walking out onto the Balconey.

the Club sounds from the Disco below where loud and J started to dance, spilling her Drink..

Then a rush came over me... A thought of naughtyness..

"J, i said " Take your top off"

She put the glass down amd pulled off her top, Tits still firmly in the Pushup Bra..She carried on Dancing, stopping only to drink more Wine.

"J" i said again "Take your Skirt off"

Again she obeyed..Now Dancing in her knickers, leaving her shoes on..

"I feel Dirty" she said "I feel naughty being out here"

"Don't worry" i replied " No one can she us up this high..

She carried on Dancing, every now and then looking over the side, teasingly

"Oh Fuck" she suddenly said..

I looked around and there was Drunk man, hanging onto the wall staring at J. Not so drunk now are you i thought.

"J" i said "Don't just stand there, help the man"..

J pushed pass me and held onto his hand, leading him onto the balconey. She danced with him, i was shocked by the sight..There was my Wife in her undies, dancing with a man outside while i watched..

"I'm getting a Drink" i said

And when i returned, J was kissing him full on the lips, his hand firmly on her Bra covered Tit. Suddenly, she took a few stepos back, reached around and undid her bra,letting it fall to the ground, she looked at me, walked up to the now slighty less drunk man, and kissed him again, his hands rubbing her Tits..She turned around, looking straight at me. pushing het Arse onto drunks Chino'd trousered Cock..His Hands pulling at her Tits

"Your loving this you dirty sod" she said

"Yep" I replied

She pulled on hand off her Tits, and pushed it down the front of her knickers

"Whats he doing" as if i didn't know

""Oh Fuck" J blurted out "He's got a finger in me, and I'm going to come..

Suddenly, she shock, waves of orgasim flooding through her body "Oh Fuck what am i doing" she cried again.

Drunk stepped sheepishly away, wiping his fingers on his shirt

J turned to me and said "Sorry"

"Don't say sorry to me" I replied "Say sorry to him. look at the state of him"

His Cock was bursting through his Chino's..

"I don't want him to Fuck me" she said

"Just do as your'e told and everything will be alright" i coldly said.

"Take his Cock out" i said, J did, it sprang up, precum ouzing from the end "Wank him" i said. J rolled back his Forskin a few times, he groaned, "Suck it you Dirty Bitch"

J dropped to her knees, her lips fully over his Cock, and she carried on wanking.

"Shit " he said, and J took his cum into her mouth, which caught her out a bit but she swallowed it anyway, his now limp dick flopping out from her mouth.

"Now that's what you get for don't a good deed..

Part 2 to follow