Written by tim and jan

12 Sep 2003

my wife and i are both in our thirties we stay in a small village where everyone knows everyone. every friday we drink at the only pub in the village,last friday i was working late and told the wife i would get her there.unfortunatly i got held up and before i knew it was midnight so i phoned a taxi to take me to the pub, the taxi dropped me off and as i was about to go in the barman opened the door and said that my wife had just left. we usually walk a shortcut through the cemetry so i started to try and catch up with her. when i was about halfway through i heard voices and as i got nearer heard that it was someone moaning,it is not uncommen for the younger couples to use so i crept up hopeing to see a show,what i did see gave me one big shock. as i got closer i seen 2 regulars dave and bill who are both about 55yrs old and they where shagging my wife, my first reaction was to go berserk but as i watched the wife she was loving every minute of it and ive never seen her so turned on ,she had bills cock in her mouth sucking away and dave was ramming his cock in from the back after about 10mins i seen semen trickle down my wifes chin and i knew bill had came in her mouth after a few minutes more i seen dave grab my wifes hair turn her around and shoot all over her face and she took his cock in her mouth to give him a last suck ,as i looked at the wifes face you could see she loved evefy minute of it. i took another shortcut home to get back before the wife,after about 20mins the wife retuned and as soon as she got in the door i was that horny i grabbed her tore of her knickers and rammed my cock up her doggyways telling her i seen everything and it was one of the best shags weve ever had and often on a friday night i will leave the pub early as i know dave and bill will walk her home