Written by babe

22 Apr 2004

Thanks to this site i had a great experience of watching 2 men having fun. but ive changed there names and mine.

A couple of weeks ago i replied to an advert on the site, the advert was from 2 guys wanting a girl to watch them while having fun with each other so i replied and then we got talking and then organised a meeting.

This one day the craig rang me and said he was meeting david and said did i want to go and watch i said yes i did. So he picked me up from my house and we drove to david's office. We parked the car in the car park next to his work and we went into david's office and i sat down on the chair, i was wearing a denim short skirt with a white blouse on to show my bust of, underneath my skirt i was wearing a nice thong. Craig told me to sit down and just watch. so i did both the guys were dressed in suits, wow very nice.

Craig then stood behind david and put his had on his trousers and worked his way round to his cock, buy this it was getting hard, david just stood there and took of his tie and then went to take of craig's tie, while doing that craig started to unzip the trousers on david and then he got his cock out and then david turned round and told david to sit on the table so he did , buy this time i was getting horny, i so was sitting just in front of the men, i spread my legs a little and lifted one of my legs onto the side of the chair so that the guys could get a view of my thong, i then started to rub my cunt though my thong, while doing this david decided to undress craig so that he was totally naked, then craig undressed david, once the guys were undressed, craig was sitting on the desk, and david decided to suck his cock he took it deep in his mouth, while he was doing this craig asked if he could touch me and i said yes, craig then moved his hand to my blouse and undid some of the buttons to expose my bra, david looked at my and saw my chest and said very nice. david stopped what he was doing and decided to remove my hand from my thong and he then got me to stand up and took my thong of and started to finger my cunt. while david was doing this craig grapped his david's cock and started to suck it deep in his mouth. i was well horny by now and asked the guys to stop what there we doing, i then asked craig to lie on the floor so he did, i then sit on top of him while david stood over his face and put his cock in his month while i lowered my pussy onto his cock and started to ride his cock deep inside my pussy, while doing this both the guys were playing with my tits and squeezing and sucking them, i then decided to fucker him harder and faster and we both cum together and david cum in craig's month and he swallowed it all. I then got up and david made me sit on the table and went down on me and licked my pussy clean and dry while i started to suck craig's cock , then david said its my turn to fuck you so he inserted his cock into my pussy and started to fuck me hard and then getting harder and harder, while doing this i started to suck the cock really hard and hard but craig said he didnt want to cum in my mouth and took it out and moved behind david and said im going fuck your arse mate. so while im getting fucked in my pussy by david , craig put his cock in david's arse and started to fuck his arse and then cam in him and then david cam in me and filled my pussy full of cum and then craig licked my pussy clean while i sucked david's cock again.

After that the guys asked if there could wank over me and i said yes, craig started to wank over my tits and then david then wanked over my pussy and cam all over my pussy and then rubbed it in and rubbed my arse with his cum and then craig cam all over my tits. I then got up and said one of you's has to fuck me again, there both had big cocks but craig's was the biggest so craig fucked me again while i sucked davids cock but instead of cuming in my mouth the asked craig to suck it so craig did , craig cam inside me and david cam inside craigs month and he then swallowed it and i then french kissed craig and could taste david's warm cum.

we then got dressed and craig dropped me off at home. it was the best.