Written by Deco

24 May 2011

I popped over to our apartment in the Costa del Sol on the Miraflores site last week to do some painting and pay some bills. After two days of painting I decided to have a break and not miss out on the hot sun. I went to the beach at Cabopino and went to the nudist section. It was fairly busy at midday and I found a space in a small area in the dunes just before the beach bar. There were already a couple there in the dune next to me, to my left and some single blokes in the other hollows. There was an empty dune to my right. I am 42 and having been out to Spain earlier with the wife had a bit of an all over tan already as we both sunbathe nude when we come over. The couple to my left were aged about 55 to 60. She stood up as I was putting my towel down. She had a nice figure with a pair of round tits, about a size 42. After about two hours a young couple turned up and went into the dune to my right. I sat up and watched as they stripped. She had long blonde hair that went down to the top of her bum. She had small tits about a size 32, but a lovely tanned body and a smooth shaved pussy. The bloke she was with made quite a show when he stripped standing there with his flaccid six inch prick, he was also shaved smooth around his prick and balls. They then both lay down in the sun. I lay back down. About an hour and a half later I noticed a few blokes had arrived and were gathering around my dune looking at the dune to my right with the young couple in. A couple of the blokes were dressed but had their pricks out wanking. I stood up and saw what they were looking at. The blond was on her knees in between the blokes legs giving his nine inch erect prick a blow job out in the open for all to see. After five minutes she turned around on her hands and knees with her arse facing the bloke. He then inserted two fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her. I had a good view and could see that her nipples had swollen to the size of a grape. The bloke was really going in and out fast with his fingers. She gave a moan as she came. The bloke with drew his fingers. They then both lay back down in the sun again, she holding his still erect prick.

It got to about four thirty and I decided to pack up and go home. I noticed that the older couple were fooling around with each other. He was on his knees sucking one of her large breasts while he was fingering her smooth shaved pussy. He then got up and moved to her other side. He knelt beside her and she took hold of his erect prick and wanked him. After five minutes she stopped and he bent over and took hold of her tit and licked her swollen nipple. He moved a hand down to her pussy and found her clit and rubbed her. After a couple of minutes I saw her body buck as she came. The bloke then wanked his prick and shot his load over her tits as she lay there. She then sat up and I saw his white creamy spunk drip off her tits onto her stomach. She reached over to her bag and pulled out some tissues and cleaned her self up. I looked around and saw the young couple walking off. I packed up and made my way to where I had parked the car. The couple were about 150 yards in front of me and there was one other bloke walking about 50 yards behind them. As they got to a bend in the roadway the couple walked to the left. I knew that did not lead to where cars could be parked but was a dune area right at the back of the beach near some trees and bushes. I turned left and eventually found the couple. They were in a open sandy space , three quarters surrounded by bushes, with a couple of bushes in front of them about seven foot away. They had already laid their towels down and were stripping of. They already had an audience of two other blokes. I stood behind one of the bushes and had a direct view of the couple.

They were now naked and lying on their towels, the bloke started to rub her pussy. She then bent her legs and spread them, giving everyone a good view of her shaven pussy being fingered. The bloke was ramming his finger in and out of her shaven cunt. Her nipples were really swollen with excitement. After about five minutes he withdrew his finger and pulled out some anal beads from her arse hole, he then lay on his back, she lent over and started to run her tongue up and down his nine inch erection while cupping his balls in one hand. I looked over to the other bush and the two blokes had stripped and were wanking their pricks. I pulled off my t shirt and stepped out of my shorts. My prick was semi erect and after a couple of rubs it was stiff. I continued to gently wank my prick as I watched her take the blokes prick into her mouth. She then went up and down on it, taking it right into her mouth. The bloke grabbed the back of her head and moved his hips up and down as he mouth fucked her. He did this for three or four minutes and then she stood up and turned to face us. She then straddled him and lowered her self down on to his stiff prick. She then went up and down on him, taking his full nine inches right up her cunt. She was riding him for about five minutes, when she swivelled around on his prick and then lent over and started kissing him. I stopped wanking as I was close to coming. The bloke grabbed her arse cheeks as he fucked her. He spread them apart and gave everyone a good view of her pussy being fucked and her arse hole. He then moved his right hand to their beach bag and pulled out a glass dildo, about ten inches long. He then pushed the tip into her arse hole. She raised her self slightly and pushed down on the dildo. It went up her arse. She was now going up and down, on the blokes prick and the dildo as he held it. One of the blokes had now moved to beside the couple. He was kneeling beside them as he wanked his prick. He edge closer as she was still being fucked and placed a hand on her bum. He started to caress her bum cheek. He then took hold of the bottom of the dildo from the bloke and held it as she was fucked. He moved his other hand to one of her small breasts and took hold of her swollen nipple. She then stopped moving and her bloke said something to the bloke and he withdrew his hands and backed away about three feet. He was still kneeling, wanking his prick as the couple resumed fucking. She was moaning with each thrust of the bloke’s prick, while the dildo was in her arse. He had good staying power, I would have come by now if I was fucking my wife.

The bloke then slapped her arse and she got off him and got on all fours, with her bum facing me. The bloke got up and got behind her. He lowered him self onto one knee and entered her pussy. I had a good view of her being fucked from behind. He pumped away for a couple of minutes and then removed the dildo from her arse hole. He pulled his prick out of her cunt and eased it into her arse. He started slowly, easing it into her bum hole. He then pushed it all the way in, all nine inches. He then fucked her in the arse. She was moaning and groaning with delight, as she grabbed hold of her towel with each thrust. He pulled his prick out, leaving about an inch in each time before ramming the remaining eight inches in each time. He did this for about five minutes, when she came with a loud shout. He pulled out of her arse and you could see how wide he had made it, it had become a large open hole now. He started to wank his prick, she turned and was kneeling in front of him. He then came in, spurting his come over her face and then onto her tits. My prick was throbbing, so I had a wank and came, shooting my spunk into the air and down onto the sand. After he had come she then took his prick in her mouth and licked him clean. She then got some tissues and cleaned her self up. They then lay together in the last few minutes of sunshine. I hung around to see if they would continue, but they packed up and headed off their car.

I returned the next day to the beach and they were there again, along with the other couple. What they got up to is for another time.