Written by salvador

9 Jul 2005

.....to continue the story julie was on the bar taking everyone & anyone. A cab had been called & when it arrived Tony suggested we leave. The cab would only hold 4 people so julie, tony, myself & steve got dressed although julie needed a hand and jumped into the cab. Some others wanted to come with us but we said we were calling it a night and left.

Steve said we could go to his place as he had a spa but we would have to be quiet as his wife was home asleep so we headed there. Into the taxi ride julie needed to go to the toilet but there was nowhere to pull up & we couldnt find a 24 hour store.Another 10 minutes & julie started to complain that she really needed to go so wwee asked the driver to find a quiet side street to pull over. He found one and we drove down it to where the lighting was poor and julie almost fell out in the hurry. She landed on the grass edge & struggled with her jeans a bit but finally managed to pull them off as we all got out to take advanatge of the stop as well. In no time julie had lent back and was pissing in the air as she relieved herself with it going all over he jeans. I couldnt finish myself as it was such a turnon to see her with her legs in the air full of cum & pissing.We helped her up but couldnt put her jeans back on as they were soaking so we got back into the cab & took off with julie sitting in the middle with nothing on the bottom. I'm sure I saw the cab driver change the angle of the mirror to get a better view. Tony & I played with julie while steve directed the driver to our destination and eventually we arrived. By this stage julie was gone & needed help out of the taxi while we were trying to keep her quiet & not wake steves wife up. We got inside & steve said he would heat up the spa which would take 20 minutes and said to make ourselves comfortable in the den.Julie said she needed a shower to clean up and found the second bathroom while the guys got some more drinks.

It was 15 minutes later when julie reappeared totally naked & said she wanted a nightcap of sex. I couldnt believe it as she sat on steves lap & started playing with his cock in his pants. 5 minutes later we were all naked again giving it to her. Tony had just cum in her pussy & she asked me to go down on her so she could cum. I tasted tonys cum as she was moving her hips & she said I had never been better at licking her out and then she said " i bet you like the taste of cum" and I just said it was her wetness i liked and she said "i want steve to cum in me now" so steve moved in. Just as he came she asked me to lick her out again & I said it was a bit moist from all the cum & she said "yeah but you love it".....so i went down on her and cleaned her out. Steve mentioned the spa was probably ready but by now julie had enough and asked if she could go to sleep so we gave her a blanket on the couch & the guys moved to the spa.....to be continued.