Written by Paul

20 Jun 2005

This is a true story that happened about a year ago. It had been quite a boozy night. My best friend John had been round drowning his sorrows after finishing with his girlfriend and him, me and Jen, my wife were drinking together. As is often the case, the subject turned to sex as we became more drunk, discussing fantasies and desires. We'd even played spin the bottle for a while until we were down to underwear but not much else happened.

Anyway, I became quite tired and lay back on the sofa whilst listening to Jen and John chatting. Their voices became quieter and I heard Jen saying, 'I think he's asleep now'. They were on the double sofa together, thinking I was asleep. It was softly lit and so i could observe what was happening through my half closed eyes.

It began with a massage. Jen sat on the floor between John's legs as he massaged her scalp and shoulders. He pushed her bra straps off her shoulders and started to massage her more sexually, beginning to touch her breasts. With this she leant her head back into his lap, enjoying the sensation. Her body looked fantastic, being a size 10 but with 32dd breasts, half uncovered from her bra. He then leaned down and kissed her on the lips, and the kiss became increasingly passionate. His hands were all over her now and she turned to face him, still kneeling between his legs. She began rubbing his thighs and then rubbing his cock through his boxers. I could see him getting hard, impressively hard quite frankly. They kissed more, and his hands wandered all over her. She slid her fingers under the leg of his boxers and I could see her begin to wank him off under them.

Just then, a car alarm went off outside, and I couldn't pretend to be asleep any more. They tried to tidy themselves up and I pretended not to notice. I was quite turned on now and suggested that we went to bed. Me and Jen live in a 1 bedroom house and John was going to sleep downstairs on the sofa. However, enjoying what I'd been watching so far, I suggested that he slept with us in our king sized bed, jokingly adding 'so long as we keep our underwear on...

Once upstairs, we went to bed, with Jen between us. I pretended to go to sleep very quickly, and it wasn't long before I could hear them kissing. Slowly again at first, but becoming more and more passionate. She started playing with his cock again and I could feel her removing his boxers, and begin to wank him off. He was kissing her breasts, caressing them with one hand as his other moved down. Her breathing became more heavy and I could tell that she was holding back screaming for pleasure. He had removed her bra by now and had his hand in her knickers - a small red thong.

It was then that he turned her over to face me. I could tell he was pulling her knickers to one side, and I felt the bed move as he entered her skillfully from behind, whilst she was looking straight at me. I felt the gentle rhythm of the bed as he began to rock inside her, becoming gradually faster. This continued for some time, with his right hand over her hip, caressing her clit.

She must have orgasmed at least 5 times before he finally shot his load deep within her, as I watched her face, and his hands on her tits. This was one of the most erotic experiences ever.

In the morning nothing was said of the night before, and they still believe that I know nothing of it. However, I work away alot, and most times that I phone home on an evening, I hear John's voice in the background. I have even had phone sex with Jen, whilst secretly knowing that John is there doing it to her for real.