Written by salvador

23 Jun 2005

We have been married for 20 odd years but it is like a bottle of good wine, getting better with time. we have had a couple of spontaneous threesomes but nothing you would call regular. Wow has that now changed.

"Julie" as I will call my wife loves dressing up when going out, nothing too slutty but then again she does please the eye in her slightly revealing gear. A hint of flesh here & there or some semi transparent top is always the go. No underwear & completely shaved although not visible to the eye always excites us both just knowing what lays beneath.

Last week we went out with a group of friends to the local bar to celebrate a friends birthday and listen to a band. Julie dressed in jeans and a white linen shirt, her nipples just visible if you looked close enough. Nothing untoward happened for most of the night just the normal celebrating, drinking and dancing. Later in the night though after everyone had more than enough to drink the dancing people ended up on top of the bar drinking and dancing. Julie was up with a girlfriend dancing and lent down to grab her drink and when she did a button unpopped on her shirt and she managed to flash some of the people nearby with the top of her breast. A cheer went up from a few people and one guy who we didnt know yelled out "show us more" but julie just laughed and said "no way".

Well I yelled out "what are you afraid of" thinking there would be no way she would do anything but to my surprise she put her drink back down and undid the rest of the buttons but held her shirt together with both hands. The guy who yelled out then jumped up on the bar & started dancing with her but she kept a good hold of her shirt. The ollowing song finished and she lent down to grab another drink & the guy grabbed one of her hands and held it tight which meant it was either the drink or her shirt with the other hand. I just laughed & Julie saw this so she let her shirt go and went for the drink so the inevitable happened. Her breasts fell out into full view and she finished her drink and kept dancing with them bouncing around and creating a bit of an audience.

After the next song she got down from the bar and said she was going to cover up but I yelled above the noise of the band that she should remian with her breasts in full view and if everyone agreed she should remain like that. The guy dancing with her had also got down from the bar & he said "yeah, in fact take off your shirt & lets party".

Julie, not one to let a dare beat her said "ok then" & proceded to take off her shirt and stand there topless. I was hard as I had ever been.

She looked at me with eyes saying "is this ok?" and I just gave the nod. During the next hour or so one of her friends also took her top off and by that time both had danced with most guys & some girls in the bar.

Closing time came & the owner said we could stay some more

and party if Julie & friend wanted to which I said was fine. By this time only about 20 people remained & most of our friends had left. The same guy who had been dancing on the bar moved in and started dancing with julie to the jukebox and his hands were all over her. One of my closest freinds asked me if this bothered me and I said no in fact it turned me on. He looked surprised but then a glint came into his eyes & he joined the 2 of them dancing, one guy in front & one guy behid. Their hands were everywhere and i could tell julie couldnt care less. My friend Tony then grabbed julie & started to undo her jeans button but she grabbed his arm & said "no" but the other guy held her arms so he managed to undo the top button & start to pull the jeans down although she resisted strongly but 2 guys to one girl was too overpowering and they fell to just below her knee revealing her smooth pussy.She looked at me and I shrugged and smiled so she stopped resisting and stepped out of her jeans standing there naked.20 people watching was such a turnon.They danced a bit and more guys surrounded ther until there were about 10 in the group.

She was pretty drunk but still ok and finally sat up on the bar naked. The original guy moved to her and forced her legs apart so that she was completely exposed to everyone and we could all see how wet she was.Julie now opened her legs further & the guy ran his fingers over her juices & the crowd gathered. Tony moved in and forced her backwards & started licking her hard nipples. I didnt know what to do but was so hard I just watched the others starting to join in. One guy mounted the bar and moved his cock close to her mouth & within seconds she was sucking him and playing with another.

This was driving everyone crazy & it turned into a full on gang bang of Julie on top of the bar. Cum was going everywhere and julie was lapping it up. It was dripping from her mouth, pussy & breasts and one girl who had been watching joined in and licked some cum off Julies nipples & frenched kissed her. I was ready to blow. Tony who had already cum suggested we move elsewhere to continue the fun & i thought it a good idea. The bar owner called a cab but julie continued on the bar taking as many cocks as possible..........

To be continued......very shortly