Written by jon

19 Mar 2005

this is a true story that happened some years ago.my wife was always talking about having sex with another man whilst i watched her in fact she would often tell me what she wanted to do with another man whilst she rode me she told me she fancied her friends man one night his name was steve sue said she thought she could arange it for me to watch her and steve get it on at the xmas party we had arranged in two weeks time. on the night pam steves girlfriend lived around the corner with her parents. pam got very drunk that night cause my wife made sure of it by filling her glass at one oclock she said she wanted to go home steve moaned and said he was enjoying himself so sue said he should stay he could always crash out on the settee. after everyone had gone sue and i left steve to crash out o the settee and we went to bed.the plan was for sue to nip to the loo whitch was downstairs and on her way back to seduce steve. i meanwhile was to watch the procedings via a window above our living room door. after i had warmed her up licking her pussy and nipples off she went to the toilet i followed got a chair stood on it and waited. sue came back from the toilet and asked steve if he was comfortable she had a short tee shirt he mumbled he was ok but a bit cramped sue went on her knees by the side of the settee and massaged his legs slowly bringing her hads closer to his flies she unzipped him and i a flash had his cock out of his pants and was saying to him as she wanked his huge cock if that was wear it hurt without warning or waiting to hearhis reply she had his cock in her mouth wanking it and sucking it for all it was worth sue stopped and said to steve please lick my pussy he didnt waste any time he was on her in a 69 position his cock in her mouth him licking her pussy about two min later she removed his cock and let out a long moan shouting that she was coming. after whitch she begged for him to fuck her doggy i watched as she got on her knees and his cock shot up her drenched cunt his hands now found her breasts nad he started pulling her nipples which are a full inch when she is aroused he was fucking her hard bringing his cock fully out and ramming her roughly calling her a little slag he then reached dow and i saw him massage her bum hole with his thumb she said go on finger me and so he did pushing his finger staight into her bum making her moan more as she came again suddenly he stopped held his cock and entered her puckered hole slowly as soon as she had relaxed and accepted his cock in her ass he fucked her faster calling her a slut slag everything he could think of he then withdrew went to her mouth and told her to clean his cock for him she didnt even protest but went to work licking sucking and moaning loader he then turned her on her back and rammed it hard into her pussy and rode her for all he was worth i could hear he was getting closer he called her a slag then said as he let out a long groan take this slut as he emptied himself in her.all of a sudden he stood up i got off my chair to return to bed the door opened and steve said clean her out while i watch i fell to my knees and licked and swollowed all his come from her pussy steve then said dont forget her arse so i turned her over and licked her bumhole clean i got to get up steve pushed me down a made me take his cock in my mouth and clean him up he soon got hard and made me watch again as he fucked my wifes arse then withdrew and he watched as i fucked her arse after sue just lay there spunk dripping from her arse onto the floor moaning and begging for more which she got throughout the night from us both this is true and we kept meeting now and again until steve and pam married.