Written by Mellissa

16 Oct 2003

Tyrone has been divorced from Candy for two years shes a stripper in a club so is a slag.

tyrone has told me lots of storys about Candy watching her shag her mates and his mates even complete strangers they met in chat rooms and had arranged to meet up with thats basically what split them up

Tyrone took me to his Exs club where she danced I was horny at the thought of watching her, Tyrone had shown me lots of nude pictures of her and she was nice with a good figure.

We sat all night just watching the girls strip and dance i was so wet and turned on. tyrone fingered my cunt under the table until I come.

He then disapeared to the toilet leaving me alone when a girl came over and started chatting she asked how long i had known Ty I told her a few weeks she then introduced me to Candy telling her I was with Ty. Candy just stared at me and laughed and said he really was scraping the barrel. This upset me so I went on the hunt to find ty. When i found him I told him that i had met Candy and what she had said he looked angry calling her a slut and a bitch.

A man came over to Ty and gave him a note Ty read the note and said I will back soon wait here and then disapeared in to the crowd. I sat alone for about fifteen minutes so got up and went to look for Ty again. There were alot of dark rooms some with people in smooching some having sex, I walked up some stairs where there were more rooms when I heard Tys voice I peeped through a crack in the door to see Candy sat on a table with her nickers round her ankles and her legs up high and spread wide, ty had his head between her legs licking her out she was gasping and moaning and telling him to give her more that she had missed him. He then stood her up and turned her round pulling his jeans down round his ankles to fuck Candys arse she was shouting and graoning and he was fucking her hard ramming himself into her, she then let out a scream and he shot his load up her arse.

I turned round and went back into the club and sat back down it was at least twenty minutes before Ty returned. I never told him what I had just watched him do but that night in the back of a taxi home we had the best sex ever with the driver having a full show