Written by dave

2 Jan 2007

After i had wanked over watching jane i drove home about 30mins after i got home and gone to bed i heard the door close down stairs and jane came into the room i turned to look at her she sid sorry have i woke you i said yes and asked if she had a good night she said it was one of the best nights out as she got into bed i put my arm around her and said ive been waiting all night for you to come home she turned and kissed me i put my hand down between he legs and pushed my finger in she was so wet i said you r very wet she said yes ive been thinking of you and how i want you to fuck me at this i went down and started to lick her i could taste his cum in her i said u taste differant for some reason she said its the shower gel then i went back to eat her she told me to stop and fuck her which i did hard and fast when i came i pushed her head down to my cock and told her to suck it clean for me after all i wanted what he got will tell you about the time i copyed that night and told her that it was a fantisay of mine