Written by Charlie

9 Oct 2003

Let me say up front that I am fairly conservative when it comes to sex but that changed recently when i was on business in Manchester. I travel a lot and when I was in Ashton was witness to an accident and went to the local police station to report it. My statement was taken by a very attractive, statuseque policewoman. She had short blonde hair and to my surprise a terrific sense of humour. We got on very well and on impulse I told her I was staying in town and could I buy her a meal. To my amazement she said yes and I arranged to pick her up that evening. When I knocked on her door and she came out I was blown away by how great she looked. The good humour continued and we went for a truly enjoyable meal. I left her home and fully expected to be on my way when she asked me in for coffee. She put on some music and being the romantic I asked her to dance. It was a slow romantic number and we just slipped into a comfortable perambulation around her flat. She had had a few drinks and was very relaxed. Withou twarnig she kissed me and it quickly became very passionate. We moved to the sofa nad slowly we undressed. She was almost six feet tall and magnificently proportioned. Big firm breats and a great athletic body. Her(blonde bush) was trimmed and her backside was unbelievable, perfectly rounded. We were both naked in minutes and after paining due attention to her breasts, moved south. I started tonguing her clitoris and parted the lips and just went crazy, she smelt and tasted lwonderful. She was really starting to orgasm and I kept licking......she started to buck against my face and it was all I could do to stay between those lovely thighs. Without warning I felt a lot of liquid flowing in to my mouth and realise she was involuntarily peeing. Strangely I din't pull away and kept my mouth there and received a full mouthful of urine. I swallowed and looked up to see if she had realised waht she had done. She was gasping for breath and I sat up. We looked at each other and took each others hands. " I started and couldn't stop" she said" and when I saw what you did I was so turned on".

I admitted to her that I enjoyed it to my complete surprise. We then carried on making love and it was truly the best sex I have ever had.

As we lay there we talked about golden shwers and laughed about it but in a while she turned to me and said that she shoud return the compliment. I was on my way to the bathroom and she followed me in. She knelt in the bath and as I started to pee, she told hold of my semi rigid cock and directed it towards her beasts. Some of it was on her fingers so she tentatively licked them"Not bad "she said and raised my still spurting cock to her mouth , got some in her mouth and swallowed it.

My cock was ragingly hard again so I fucked her bent over the bath, turned on by her great ass and her tits swinging as I slammed in to her.

We now see eah other regularly and have unbelievable sex. We don't get in to watersports all the time but it does happen on and off.

I get really amused when I see contact ads specifying"No watersports". I was of the same opnion until the accident. It can be and was highly erotic. Kneeling beneath my goddess of a policewoman as she pees is just fucking incredible. By the way urine is sterile and I have read it has great health benefits......