Written by Dan

26 Aug 2005

Let me tell you what happened to me recently! I have a very good friend by the name of John. We've been mates since school and about 9 years ago he started to go out with a lovely girl named Emma! Now I have fancied Emma since i first saw her and have wanked my cock off many times whilst thinking of her fucking and sucking my cock! Recently they went through a bad patch and I became closer to emma trying to get them through the whole thing. As we have become closer i have started to wank harder and harder over he in bed alone and thinking of her whilst i am fucking my girlfriend!

Last week i told emma i could not cope any longer and had tp let her know i have wanted her for ages and she let me know that she felt the same.

Emma occationally works at home... and i have taken to texting her alot and have started to make rude suggestions on how i would like to finger and fuck her.

One afternoon this week she told me that she was working at home and i could pop round if i wa passing. I did not need any further tinting and i was round there like a shot!

When i got there she was in the kitchen making lunch. I was looking at her tight ass in her skirt and wondering again what it was like to feel it when she asked me to get the cookery book down from above her... needless to say we got close. I had my groin pressed right up against he ass as i reached for the book. i started to rub her shoulders some how and she flicked her long hair over to one side. I started to kiss her neck and feel her small pert tits. She turned around and i started to rub her pussy through the material of her skirt whilst still kissing her.

I lifted her light weight frame up onto the worktop and pushed up her skirt and went down on her sweet tasting pussy for a few minutes which resulted in her cumming legs spread like a slut. I had her juice all over my face and came up to kiss her. she took out my dick which was rock hard and wanked it for abit but she wanted it inside her fucking her! So i turned her around and slid it in from behind. we got a great rythum as i was feeling her tits and calling her a dirty whore which turned her on more. It wasnt long before i was cumming up her cunt and withdrew. she whipped round and whilst still playing and fingering herself licked the juice off my dick and her fingers!

I told her that i wanted to that for ages and when will we be doing it again?

The answer was next time johns out of the house at work or when she s on a lunch break from work the dirty slut!

Cant wait for the next time!