Written by Karen

4 Apr 2006

I married the guy I work for last December, he is quite a bit older than me and we had been having a fling for quite a while, his wife finally left him and we tied the knot. I was a bit on the rebound I was off men at the time, and it seemed to be an ideal solution.

Let me explain, I am considered posh and have a very good job, I worked very hard to get where I am and nobody can say I haven’t earned what I have.

I am 37, tall thin and plain, most men I work with think I am a bitch. My past holds some very murky secrets and I keep them locked away. I love sex and the sluttier the better, I suppose I am what most men describe as easy, but when I need sex and get the itch I have to have it. When I got married I stupidly vowed I would not wander, that lasted about 4 weeks and I found myself under a married guy I met at a conference!

I love S/H I had a cyber relationship on here with a guy who wanted to analyse everything I did so I made up more and more bizarre stuff to keep him excited and he couldn’t handle it, sad little man!

Anyway I feel I must share this with you, it was so delicious.

Last weekend I was matron of honour at one of my oldest friends third wedding, it was held in a large hotel in the shires, it was a relatively small affair with about 100 friends in attendance. I was staying at a sister hotel about a mile away.

I arrived on time and did my duty suitably dressed in a ridiculously floaty dress and sandals with my hair up in a floral monstrosity carrying a posy.

All went well as weddings go and the wine flowed, I renewed old friendships and danced with all the eligible, and some not so eligible, males having virtually all my extremities stroked ‘accidentally’ in the process.

When they left for the honeymoon I caught a cab back to my hotel.

It was quite lively with a wedding of its own well underway and a lot of people milling round in the normal half drunk uncomfortable wedding manner.

As I went to get my key a young stocky man grabbed my arm and asked me where I had been as he hadn’t noticed me before, he obviously thought I was part of his wedding. He asked me if I wanted a drink with him and his friends, I was a bit merry so I said ok, one wouldn’t hurt, we went into one of the bars and I found myself with a bunch of men of all ages drinking hard and swearing profusely, I seemed to be an instant hit!

To cut a long story short I got drunk, when I was at my most vulnerable one of them made a move on me that I did see coming but did nothing to resist, he was a rather sweet young man of about 22, he took my hand and pulled me into a dimly lit games room and started to kiss me very hard, he gently lifted me up onto the snooker table and pulled the hem of my dress up to my waist. It was quite uncomfortable with a rige across my bottom and the table was cold. His hand roughly slid down over my breasts, past my frilly suspenders, over my bare thigh above my stocking and ended up on my matching, and by now wet silk knickers, they were a Christmas present from my husband! I spread my legs and pulled them up to give him better access and he fumbled round and got his manhood out, with no further attempt at foreplay he pulled my knickers to one side enough to expose my very slippy, sticky slit and using one hand to steady himself he aimed at my love tunnel and rammed himself straight up me.

He rode me bareback like a rampant animal, driving into me as hard as he could, I could feel him bruising me deep inside as his cock slammed into me. I was really up for a good fuck and was just drifting into the sexual ecstasy that meant I would come and I felt rather than saw the door open.

He carried on hammering into me, don’t get me wrong he was no stud and not hugely hung or anything, in fact we had probably only been in there for a couple minutes in total.

I heard another voice close by say something typically male like “fucking hell Paul, give it to her” and then there was the familiar feeling of a cock hard up me stiffening and getting ready to squirt, I thought he would pull out but he rammed in further and I felt the splash of his first surge of juice deep up my cunt. His cock kicked and bucked in me a couple of more times and I felt him slowly subside.

I came down quite quickly and became aware of several other bodies standing round in the gloomy half light. Paul pulled out and moved away, I was a bit embarrassed to be caught with all my worldly goods on show so I put my legs down and together and reached up to pull my dress down, only to have my wrist caught and stopped.

There was a rush of movement and my legs were pushed apart again, I tried to push myself up and close my legs but was very firmly held down, next thing I knew another hard cock was knocking at my sex door and was unceremoniously slammed into me, it took my breath away, this one seemed to be a bit bigger but as I was so sticky with spunk and juice I really couldn’t tell, I made one last effort to resist then pleasure took over and I tried to rise to meet his thrusts, in very quick time he too splashed his seed right up me, I was dimly aware that I should be demanding that they take precautions but I just did nothing.

He quickly pulled out and was replaced by number 3 who gave me a repeat performance, he was definitely smaller but took more time than the others. I could hear him grunting as he tried to impale me. He came up me to. I felt him pull out and a big glob of something slid out of my soaked pussy and ran down my labia and into the crack o my bum.

I was getting used to this and another guy was soon between my legs and in very short time was placing the head of his cock into my gaping cunt, this one was different, as he pushed forward I felt myself being stretched and pushed my thighs wider to try to open up further, he didn’t appear to be physically huge but he relentlessly pushed his cock up me, stretching me so wide it was agony, he got to the deepest part of my sex and I felt him stop and pull back only to resume the pressure a second later, he met the resistance again and again pulled back. This time he came almost all the way out before pushing back in, my abused cunt was getting a bit more used to it by now. He pulled back again and without warning drove straight into me, he hit the barrier at speed and I felt something give and there was a gorgeous feeling as he went deep into my womb, he than fucked me, very, very hard I came several times in the minute or so he was into me, at one time there was a and over my mouth, I must have been screaming! With one final mind numbing shove he came, not gallons, just a couple of hard pumps and jerks but enough to make me come again, he then pulled out and moved away.

I was out of it by now and was helpless as I was turned over and my knickers were poled down over my sandals, my hands were held over my head and another cock was soon up my very wet and swollen cunt, I hardly felt this one and barely noticed him jerking as he added his spunk to the flood running out of me.

Then the worst happened, as I was held I felt a hard cock at the entrance to my bum, slowly it pushed up and in, it was agony, I hate anal sex and I tried to pull away, of course I couldn’t move. When it was right inside my arse he slowly fucked me, I was sore and really hurting but he carried on until he shot up my abused arse as deep as he could. He wrenched out of me causing me to sry out.

I was then left alone for a short while, I stayed in the same position with my bottom exposed for all to see, sticky spunk and girl juice matting in my pubic hair and running down my thighs into my stocking tops.

I finally got my breath back and managed to stand up, when I turned round there were only 4 men standing there looking sort of sheepishly proud. I couldn’t believe it but I was very horny, I think they were worried I would create a fuss but what the hell it was bloody good sex, so I asked if they had all fucked me, they all nodded I said “which one of you has the huge cock” a squat Asian guy sort of nodded, I asked him if he was a one shotter he shook his head. “Then fuck me again as hard as you can” he was reluctant so I went over and grabbed his cock through his trousers he was only half hard so I unzipped him and got it out while the others looked on I gave the best blow job I could to a silky smooth circumcised 10 inch very thick weapon before laying on the ground and performing as I was well and truly fucked and abused by a boy nearly half my age, I was coming and writhing as he took me to heights I haven’t had for years as his mates watched and encouraged him!

When we had finished I made my way to my room with mixed man and woman juice flooding out of my well stretched and satisfied cunt, I cleaned up the best I could using the shower as a douch.

I have to say I left very early the next day!

If any of you guys read this, and you will all know who you are, I can only say thanks, you were great and can you get in touch and send me some of the photos, pretty please!